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Amanda Bynes tweets read by people on the street


I must say I tried Twitter and it didn't work for me.  That said I think this is pretty funny-


Interesting :P  I've gotta say, I love Twitter, but its usefulness is directly proportional to how funny your friends are.  If they're the kind to post "Eating oatmeal for breakfast again CRUD MONKEYS! I'm sick of it!" then Twitter isn't all that great.  My friends post things like "MUST stop letting myself be distracted... SQUIRREL!!!" instead  ;D

I don't use Twitter because it's useful. Most of time, I wouldn't say it's particularly useful. Ok, so the job posting guy is useful, as is the breaking news guy. But other than that it's mostly a mix of humor, bits of randomness, and utter nonsense. And I love it anyway.

But I like seeing little bits of peoples' lives. I think I actually keep in touch with my friends better now than I used to.


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