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So this Justin Bieber character...

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Sorry, I can't get over the guy's last name (I know it's not his fault, and I have an insane Germanic clunker of a last name by choice, so...) or the crazed preteen girl following, so I've never actually listened to anything by him.  But this is pretty awesome:

How to Make Justin Bieber Sound Inncredible

Love it!  It's just beautiful!

I know! How cool is it!

I got onto a lifehacker article about how to slow down and enhance songs in your own collections.

P!nk's 'So what' sounds really cool at 600% slower!

That is the way how Justin show his other side to people I think. No matter what the other people say to Justin, they really can't hinder them to his way to fame. People in the whole world know him and even his songs.

Posting to bookmark for pop-cultural awareness.


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