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Granted I posted in the wrong catagory for the one about my husband. Fair enough it was locked and I moved it to where it should be after some direction in PMs. Now the post I did last night has disappeared and I dont understand why? I'm asking questions for advice as I literally do not have anybody else to ask and having impartial opinions gives honest answers,rather than biased ones.

There are topics that are far heavier in topic than what I am asking, and from PMs from people on here....they too are searching for answers and want to follow the topics and aren't able too. I dont get it. I'm not breaking any rules. Is it because I'm new? Australian? Am I being offensive in some way? I dont get it. I come on and hope for some opinions and suggestions on my topic and nothing is there.

If you PM me the topics of your post, (were you the one with the husband with anger issues?) I could probably guess what the issue is, if you're interested in an answer.

If you only want to call out a mod, well, they dont take kindly to that, I'm afraid.  They dont often explain the lockings (though 90% of the time they stick closely to the rules) because that would take too long and open themselves up to too much criticism/debate.  You can PM them, but I would approach it more from a curious perspective than an accusatory one. 

But I'm guessing that you are genuinely curious, and in that case, I suggest you PM a poster with a high post count with the topic of your post and ask them.  I hope you find your answers!

I'm sorry that you are getting frustrated.   :(  There is definitely nothing wrong with being new or Australian!

I didn't see your latest post, so I'm not sure why is was removed.  I know that sometimes even if a topic isn't particularly "heavy" it might get shut down if the mods think it will lead to posters offering too much legal or medical advice.  Other reasons posts get locked/removed are ranting, political/religious content not related to etiquette, discussion about illegal activity, or the poster is looking for advice that we are not qualified to give (meaning that anonymous internet posters cannot replace a qualified counselor/psychologist/social worker.)  

Again, I did not see your last post.  But if the mods felt that asking for advice here could do more harm than good, they had to remove it.  If you'd like to PM me with the general content of your post, I could probably tell you more specifically why it was a problem.  

And please don't take it a sign that you are unwelcome here.  Even long term posters in good standing get threads locked.  Sometimes the mods just err on the side of caution, which is part of the reason this stays such a nice board.   :)

Please dont get me wrong. I certainly dont feel unwelcomed. Its just that I have 2 issues in my life that,to me, are pretty important and I want some uncensored advice.The only reason why I asked if its because I'm Australian is the one about my childs school readiness and with our schooling system so different, if that was why.

I think my frustrations is that I am seeing topics that are quite heavy in detail or just moral support needed and they are staying but my last 2 posts have stopped before they have started and I dont understand why. I'm still learning this forum. I dont know if what I'm doing is wrong or what a "hot topic" is with posts.

Its just a bit upsetting to see posts of mine being shut down and not knowing why. I'm not trying to call out the mods. I just dont understand what I've said that would cause it to be locked or deleted.

I can't speak for all the mods, but I did look through your posts and didn't see any that had been deleted recently (We mods have the power to do that) so I don't know what happened to your post. I can't guarantee that it wasn't deleted, but I suspect that it was swallowed by "teh interwebs." Sometimes it happens. Did you check it right after you posted to make sure that it did actually post?

Edited to add that I didn't look through *all* your posts, just the recent ones.


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