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Is this your little brother?

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Did anyone else see Al slip up on Today this morning?  I felt so bad for that little girl.

For those who didn't see, Al was talking to a birthday girl and asked, "Is this your little brother?"  The 2 kids stared blankly for a moment and Al finally realized, not brother, little sister.  Al basically moved on quickly.  For those who saw it, what else could he have done to recover?  Could either sister have said something to smooth over the situation?  (They were pretty young.  I think the oldest was 12.)

Al who?

Dotty, it's Al Roker from The Today Show.

I didn't see the segment - I tried to watch it online just now, but am not able.  I've slipped up in similar embarrassing ways and typically over-apologize in an attempt to redeem myself.  I always feel like an idiot afterwards.

Part of me believes the best thing to do was to just move on; the other part of me thinks maybe some type of clever self-deprecating joke may have worked, but I can't imagine very many people that are able to think that quickly on their feet.  On live television.

I'm sure other celebrities wish their on camera errors were so minor.

Dick Clark made millions, dredging up these missteps on his TV Bloopers show.

Having said that, I used to wonder how a serious, dignified person like Deborah Roberts could marry, well, Al Roker.

Until I read his book and then I thought, "How could she not?" 8)


--- Quote from: Carnation on August 26, 2010, 10:40:23 AM ---

Dick Clark made millions, dredging up these missteps on his TV Bloopers show.

--- End quote ---

TeeHee!  I'll never think of him the same way again...


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