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Author Topic: When is too early to mow your lawn?  (Read 105982 times)

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Peggy Gus

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Re: When is too early to mow your lawn?
« Reply #90 on: August 26, 2010, 08:37:42 AM »
Honestly, I'd rather my neighbors mow their lawns early in the morning than just let them go uncut. The neighbors to the right of our house did not cut their grass for nearly a month. Their lawn was nearly knee high and full of bugs. Our HOA recently just sort of..stopped (seriously, they just never cashed anyone's dues checks, took down the website, and stopped responding to letters/e-mails), so there wasn't anyone to go around fining people for unkempt grass.

I'm not bothered by the sound of someone mowing, though. I can sleep through it. But then, I originally lived in a rural area with lots of farmland. Farmers get up and plow/tend/seed their fields at 6:00 AM and don't stop until the sun goes down...and trust me, a big combine or tractor is a lot louder than a lawn mower. So maybe that's why I don't even notice when a neighbor fires up a mower early in the day.

I grew up next to a major rail line and trains would go by every 15 mins, we never had air conditioning so our windows were open all summer long. Our last house was surrounded by field on all 4 sides, our bedroom window was about 100 ft away from the field, a combine at midnight is quite loud, but you learn to adapt.


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Re: When is too early to mow your lawn?
« Reply #91 on: August 26, 2010, 08:54:45 AM »
I have a question, and it is not meant as criticism in any way for OP or the other desert-weather posters, as apparently the HOA(s) in question leave them no choice.  But why, why, why do HOAs require huge swathes of watered, mowed grass in a climate that is clearly not suited for it?  It’s not as if anyone is enjoying the grass, given that no one can be outside on it for any significant length of time without suffering heat stroke, so what’s the point?  And the water-waste is mind-boggling to me.  Previous posters have mentioned their desert landscaping – is that not a possibility to be brought up with the HOA?
It does rain here.  We had thunderstorms on Tues/Wed.  It rained enough that we don't need to water the grass until maybe next week.  Our water bill is always $55.  I do have drought resistant plants.  Houston is not a desert - just hot.  Sometimes it rains, an hour later the cement will be dry.  The rain hits the cement and turns into steam.