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Hilarious, but also very sweet

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So, while feeling down recently, I began reading two sites that a dear friend linked me to. If you're a fan of Engrish.com, you may enjoy them as well. They're a collection of humourous and often tear-inducingly sweet communiques with Asian-American parents. I stayed up many hours past bedtime reading all of both.



FOB, for those of you not familiar with the terminology, means "fresh off the boat" - it refers to an emigrant, usually from Asia, who hasn't integrated into the local culture very much. Most of the humour factor is from the broken English/lost in translation factor, although some of it is culture clash, generation gap, and overall ludicrous situations. It's also an absolute museum of guilt and PA at times.

I hope that this isn't considered racist in the purview of this forum, and I know I'm taking my chances there, but I wanted to share something that cheered me up immeasurably.

haha, I like this one:

My mom emailed me after we had a huge fight:

“Ok, you will be fine for everthing. Actually you are excellent so far. I will support you for all. you are my only child. it is not the big deal. I will help you. We need the drama in life. Otherwise the lift will only like the water. We need the different drink. ok? take care. go to sleep.”


I'm slain by all the "mommy" and "daddy." My father wanted me to start calling him by his first name when I was 16 - we compromised, and I call him Dad. :-\

Oh, come on. I didn't need another hilarious blog to distract me from my work! LOL, this is priceless. Here's my favorite so far.

I'm British, born here, but my mum's English was learnt along side me, the steak story breaks my heart, I always translate when necessary, how could they not help out their parent." Hung his head in shame" :'(. Bah to that poor man's nasty child >:(.


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