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Things that should be in your job description - but aren't

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White Dragon:
Yesterday, in (yet another) strange conversation with uberboss, he said something that made me think "Yeah, that should be in my job description", cause some of the stuff that I do is just odd.

I think I will add:

-teach reporters how to calculate percentages
-spells things for pretty much anybody in the building
-fount of useless information (apparently, uberboss found it very strange that I knew the ignition temperature of diesel fuel...)

I'm just waiting to see what some people (Vorbau? Vorbau?) could list.

One job -read obituaries because we needed death dates for people, because the IRS gets ticked if you pay dead people the way you pay living people and our system required a date.

I am an apartment building manager.

- creating forms and mass mailers (really, this is in my boss's job description but since I type faster than her...)
- IT. We have a full time IT staff but still I get calls to come fix computer issues/locate missing files
- Schedule staff meetings (again, boss's job, I get stuck doing it)
- shoulder to cry on (fellow staff as well as residents, not on our written job description but is part of our job, they send us for lots of training on this topic)
- All Around Answer Person. I have read the HUD handbook and am able to find the info quicker than anyone else.

- mind reader
- fountain of all knowledge
- mediator
- messanger of bad news

-type things when we're short on time-- because I'm faster on computers than the secretary (which is win win--it means I have points w/ the secretary when I need something; people who help her w/ her job get help faster when they need it ;))

-assemble mailings.  Boss found out that I did this in college and once again, I'm much faster than the person whose job it is (and I don't mind it)

-explain formatting for documents/wording/social things to *ahem, interesting sterotyping by me here, because I don't have better words for it* 'engineering' mathematical types.  (I get to re-write things :))

-give lessons in 'assertiveness', 'how to handle problem "customers"' and 'life skills (including how to register to vote, how to get tax forms, and how to survive a workplace--lesson 1 is be kind to the secretary and custodian)' to work-study students who report to me.  (I'll also say, I don't mind this--some of the kids have really blossomed by the time they move on and I just gush w/ pride when they move on to 'real' jobs and graduate and show themselves to be worthwhile employees.)


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