Author Topic: S/O of Television ownership thread - So how do you get your news  (Read 535 times)

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Daily show, various internet news sites and the local newspaper.  I am a reading junkie.


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Some of the comments here remind me of something my sister once said to me and my Dad, "If you don't read the paper or watch the news, you think everything is okay in the world!"  LOL!  My Dad and I sort of quirked our eyebrows at her. and didn't say anything.  He later said to me, "Yeah, but if you don't know what's going on you can get blindsided awfully easily--things happening in the world often DO impact you at some point!"

Interesting. And true. But here's what I tell people who ask: So much ugliness and hate is out there, and most of it I can't do anything about. I have no control. What I can do is improve my own corner of the world and that is what I focus on. If I allowed myself to know about all the other stuff it would severely depress me; I'd do nothing but cry over the misery and what good is that going to do? I fix what I can where I can. And everything else is off my radar.

Amara -- amen to that.  And my personal selfish and non-philanthropic addendum, herewith.  If I get blindsided by there coming to be in my country -- contributed-to, by my opting-out and apathy when I could have made a difference -- a situation of takeover by a murderous despotic regime (I won't give real-world examples -- have got into bad trouble on eHell in the past, by going down that road), which sends me off to torture and death: I promise not to whine and whinge about that happening to me.