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  • November 24, 2015, 08:30:05 PM

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Author Topic: S/O I'm Never Shopping There - What Businesses Will Forever Have Your Patronage?  (Read 84081 times)

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Torrid.  Finally, found a store that has modern, decently priced clothing for women who are not a size 2 (regular stores all seem to sell out of the size 14).  Their clothes fit curvy bodies perfectly and aren't all shaped like bags.

I now own leather pants that fit me perfectly because of Torrid!


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I just discovered Torrid this summer. After about a decade, I'm wearing jeans again! I'm short and round (pretty much square-shaped, haha) which makes it IMPOSSIBLE and depressing to find pants. I actually like trying on pants at Torrid.


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Hotter shoes.

I have hard to fit feet.  Really hard--I wear a 5.5 double wide (US sizes).  I had once thought I found a place (Shoes of Prey) that said that they could custom make shoes for any size foot.  Except, apparently, my feet (the shoes I got felt like I was trying to undergo Chinese foot binding).  I'd even sent them a tracing of my foot with tape measure across to show the width of my foot, and got a reply that making my shoes was too difficult because my feet are so wide.  I cried.

So for a long time, my criteria for shoes was "don't make me want to cry when I put them on".  I also desperately craved shoes that did not look like they belonged on the feet of an old woman.  You know, stylish? 

Well, my mom found this company, and I now have two pairs of their shoes.  They keep making *more* shoes in my size (rather than reducing the number of shoes in the size).  They're not inexpensive, but they are stylish and beyond "don't make me cry"--they are comfy, even at the end of the work day--even the high heels.  I'm planning to get a pair of boots, and I have my eye on some other shoes, too.
Due to this post, I looked up the company.  I saw that they carry a womens EEE width!  I ordered a pair of cute shoes and am waiting on delivery.  I'm so excited to find the width that I need.  Thanks for sharing this.


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A small, locally owned glass and window shop.  The big box stores no longer cut window glass to custom sizes, but the woman at Home Depot helpfully referred me to a glass shop nearby.  I went in and they were extremely helpful and had the glass pane I wanted cut within 10 minutes.  They were a little pricier than the pre-cut glass panes Home Depot sells, but I got a piece of glass cut to the size I needed without having to worry about breaking a piece of glass cutting it myself.  We have another window that needs to be fixed (not the glass, the frame and the rollers on the bottom), and they'll be getting that job when we get around to doing it.
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The Royal Garden Hotel in London. I took an overnight trip as my first big trip by myself anywhere in my life. The doorman was beyond gracious and didn't even crack a grin when I carried my little plastic over night bag. It was a grocery bag because I couldn't find my luggage before the trip. It was a lovely room, the front desk was sweet and chatted with me making sure my trip was nice and they called a cab for me when I went to the theater that night. I've never done anything like that again, but it was a fabulous experience.