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  • August 31, 2016, 05:09:20 PM

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Author Topic: Service industry workers with captive audiences. Minor update post 30.  (Read 2752 times)

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OP here with a tiny update

I went back to the dentist's office for them to take impressions of my teeth in case I want to have them whitened. I was not impressed with the office, yet again.

I met a new lady, not a hygienist, not a dentist. She didn't introduce herself, didn't tell me her role or her name. She just took me into the back of the office to make the impressions. She seemed to do a professional job of that but even though she was in her early 40s, she behaved as if she were a teenager with a bad attitude. She was rolling her eyes at things (not necessarily related to me) and seemed really impatient and annoyed to be there, in general.

Then, when I was leaving, she informed that I'd have to make yet another appointment to come back and pick up the impressions that she had just made.

She guided me to another lady and just said "go here" but didn't point which direction or to which office or what for. That next lady seemed nice, but again, there were no pleasantries or introductions so it was still a bit strange.

Then, I got a voice mail today reminding me of my appointment and asking me to call back to confirm. I did.

A couple of hours later, I got two text messages reminding me of my appointment. And all I'm doing at this "appointment" is picking something up.

It seems like a lot of pomp and circumstance.


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if that were me, I'd be looking for a new dentist. They don't sound too together! I went last week for my twice a year cleaning. Had a new hygenist, who introduced herself, chit chatted a bit, but managed to get a full set of xrays done, and clean my teeth, in about 45 mins. Whole appt was an hour, but that was partially waiting for the one dentist, who had 3 hygienists working that day. So he was bopping in and out of each room, while also trying to do a filling on someone else!

But everyone there is always friendly, and new staff always introduces themselves.