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Author Topic: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!  (Read 2994424 times)

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Peggy Gus

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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #210 on: September 19, 2010, 11:17:17 AM »
There was a Chinese restaurant that opened in our area. The woman who ran the counter was so nasty and rude, that it almost became a joke. She would grunt answers, snatch your money, just generally unpleasant. There was no Manager to speak to, the rest of the staff either couldn't speak English or didn't want to. This woman always worked, there was never a time that she wasn't there. Now why did the whole town keep going back, because they had such good food and there was not another Chinese restaurant for 20 miles. The place was always packed, until about 6 months ago when another placed opened.

Now I maybe see 2 or 3 cars in their lot.


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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #211 on: September 19, 2010, 11:37:21 AM »
Continental Express - Pilot announce we were going to OK city. We were supposed to go to Houston. The attendant kept trying to hand me peanuts, after I said NO thanks. I asked if they had an alternative snack. Was handed pretzels  with peanut warning. SO I gave them back. The woman yelled that if I was so allergic I shouldn't fly. After announcing  that we were landing in OK City, we landed in Houston.

When I went to complain - they already knew about the announcements and the attendant screaming a the woman who was allergic to peanuts.  The other customers complained.

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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #212 on: September 19, 2010, 12:10:30 PM »
Why don't retailers realize that unless you're in a small town 150 miles from anywhere else, consumers have choices and will go elsewhere if they get rude or poor service, or shoddy merchandise?
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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #213 on: September 19, 2010, 12:15:57 PM »
Unfortunately, we can't quit them, but the company that just bought DF mortgage is turning inot a joy to work with, and this is only the first month they've had the contract.

When he called and asked about changing the pay date from the 1st the the 15th of each month the person he talked to on the phone said she would have to ask a supervisor. She calls back and she has to have a fax sent to her that day stating he needs it changed and why. Over the years, I've had many loans, but that was the first time I had ever heard of it being such a problem to change the pay date.

They call on the 16th looking for the payment, it was mailed on the 16th which was payday. He told them this. The caller then wanted the money order number, and was told it should have been over nighted. He was also told he should have westernunioned it. A supervisor gets on the phone and tells him he needs to call on Wednesday to find out if the payment arrived. If it hadn't, he needs to make alternative payment arrangements, and they will send the money order back.

He told the supervisor that we had the other company for 2 1/2 years, with the 15th as a pay date, without any problems. We have your company for one month, and it's being run like a crackerjack company. This is rediculous.

We live in a mobil home park, and almost all of the mobil homes are mortgaged through the same company, which is now the new company. The next few years should be fun...

I really don't mean to be rude, but this doesn't sound like bad business to me. The economy is bad and the mortgage industry is shot. You changed the pay date, and you were still late with your first payment. They don't have a history with you, so all they know is that you changed the pay date and still paid late. Also, if they called you and you said that you sent it on the 16th because that's pay day, that makes it send like you know you will be late every single month . . . is that what you meant? Maybe they took it the wrong way.

I realize this is a personal situation, but I hate to see a company get a bad rep if they didn't actually do anything wrong. To me, if I were a banker/mortgage broker, I would think a paycheck date on the 16th means a mortgage pay day on the 1st so that my client could pay early-to-on-time rather than late.  :-\


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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #214 on: September 19, 2010, 01:04:48 PM »
I'm not sure why sending a fax to someone is considered a hassle.
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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #215 on: September 19, 2010, 01:20:22 PM »
And while we're on the subject of computers, while this isn't a store specifically, I *refuse* to ever, ever allow Norton antivirus or any of the rest of the Symantec line on any machine of mine ever again.  It isn't that it doesn't work -- it works TOO well.  It blocks programs' internet access without asking you about it.  It blocks programs it's asked you about and you've TOLD it to allow.  It blocks programs from running that don't access the internet at all!  I cannot even begin tell you how many machines I've seen completely borked because of Norton.  Not just my own personal computer, but work computers, school computers -- all held hostage by an antivirus program completely drunk with power.

Is that what all that is? I had a horrendous time with my last computer doing all that and I used Norton and never thought it was the problem. You learn something new everyday.
I use c*o*m*o*d*o now, nice little program and no problems. S*p*y*b*o*t too but my system not too happy with it, it slows everything down considerably so it's on run mode when I go to bed.

Now sandbox is being a pain with blocking stuff that I've told to allow. You win some you lose some, at least it's not as bad as Norton was at that.

*edited because the dratted cat sat on the keyboard and submitted before I finished  ::)

Ayep.  Took me a while to work out what the problem was; I finally checked the Task Manager and noticed about a dozen of the same Norton process running at once.  Turns out it started a new copy of the process every time it borked something.  Experimentation proved that disabling Norton before I ran a program allowed the program to run.

Well, after that, I uninstalled Norton and switched to a different antivirus.  Of course, cleaning Symantec products off a computer is an adventure in and of itself; I never did manage to remove every trace of it.


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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #216 on: September 19, 2010, 01:28:18 PM »
1.  The dermatologist who tried to kill me.  I had a mole that I *knew* wasn't right.  I wanted it biopsied and taken off.  Dermo refused to do the biopsy; it was nothing to worry about.  He treated me like I was about 5.  So I went back to my GP for another referral.  He biopsied; it was melanoma.

2.  Sears.  Their ridiculous credit card policies.  For years, they wouldn't take any CC but their own.  When they finally started taking other CCs, I started shopping there again.  I had a gift certificate but my purchase was more than it was worth.  I wanted to put the remainder on my CC.  Nope.  I either had to pay cash or open up their CC.  Have never gone back.

3.  Local garden centre.  A few instances of poor customer service over a couple of years, culminating in a very bad experience when another CSR butted into the conversation, having no idea what my issue was.  Used my $20 GC that day to almost the exact penny and never went back.

PLEASE tell me you reported him to the AMA!  Holy cow!  Are you all right now?


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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #217 on: September 19, 2010, 01:39:47 PM »

When he called and asked about changing the pay date from the 1st the the 15th ... it was mailed on the 16th which was payday.

I'm probably missing something here, but if he made the payment late why wouldn't they call.  I mean the day after it is due is aggressive, but not completely unreasonable.


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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #218 on: September 19, 2010, 02:25:03 PM »
My turn!

Had been a cell phone customer of F-Mobile for several years, just me.  DH had a company phone and plan.  When his company said, "find your own plan, we will re-imburse you," DH decided to jump on to me wih F-Mobile.

DH and I went to a free-standing store to ADD him, to start a new contract, buy a new phone, etc...

Well, the teen at the mall kiosk had mixed up my SS # with DH's, last time I had gone to change something o my plan.   The phone was in my name, but DH's SS#, somehow. That freaked out the manager-- we were obviously frauds, and were asked to bring in our SS cards to be faxed off to prove we were not scammers, or whatever. 

We returned with the cards, made copies, and blacked out all but the last 4 digits.  The store fax was not working.  Hadnot been, all week.  We were sent to another store.

That store sent the fax, and we were told to wait.  After an hour, I asked for the photocopy of our cards with all but the lat 4 digits marked out) and we left. 

 week later, I called for an update.  "Oh, we never got it.  But, they shredded your copy so your SS# was not just tossed in a trashcan."  (this was in response to my, waht?!?  where is my info!?)

Um, I was handed the paper myself after asking for it, your clerk cannot recall or is lying. 

A few more phone calls, in which at one point I asked, "Should I just go back to the temp. teen at the mall kiosk and have him fix this, since he messed it up, and seems to have more power in getting paper work done than store mangagers?"

More vistits, more phone calls, and still "We cannot fix this, your and DH's numbers are switched and our hands are tied."

Finally, DH and I made "picket" signs, called the police to make sure we were legal, and marched aroud the sidewalk at F-Mobile, with our school-age kids.

The signs said, "F-Mobile mixed up husband and wife's SS#'s and will NOT allow  them to add on a phone!"

We joined Horizon and have better reception, plan, and service. 

And, the kids learned that Mom does appreciate stupidity.  :)

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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #219 on: September 19, 2010, 03:27:46 PM »

Oh, Applebees. Two visits, two lousy experiences, two thousand miles apart:

In CT, with my mom who ordered senior version of X meal. Apparently served regular version, which we discovered when the bill came. Huge argument with waitress, then with manager, who insisted that we "should have known" mom was served the regular meal, and alerted our waitress "immediately". Umm, excuse me, you're assuming we're regulars and we know how large your portions are? Sorry. Got bill corrected, left no tip.

In AZ, with SO. Took 25 minutes to get our drinks order taken, and 55 minutes to get our meal order taken. Another hour later, SO is in anaphylactic shock and using the epi-pen because apparently, "I checked with the chef and he said it was fine" is Applebee code-speak for "WHAT.EVERRRR ::)" Adding insult to injury, I was keeping one eye on SO while looking for a cc to pay the check and asked the waitress where the nearest ER was, and she said, "well, you can call 911, are you going to be leaving, I need the table?"

That's the only place (out of all the places SO has been ambushed by) that I really wished he had pursued it legally.

I stopped reading here , I was too angry. You honestly penalized your waitress for restaurant policy?

Since when is it restaurant policy to mess up an order and then argue with your customer? The whole thing was incredibly stupid and both the waitress and manager were nasty and insulting.

The waitress got my mom's order wrong, then accused us of trying to scam the restaurant. She brought a regular sized portion, of which my mom ate about third. Mom weighs ninety pounds soaking wet. Mom also declined to have the leftovers wrapped for takehome because she wasn't impressed with the food. But the waitress kept insisting that mom had ordered and eaten the entire regular portion. It's just peachy that the manager was willing to back up her staff, but in this case, they were both dead wrong, and basically called us liars. Sorry, no tip.

As to the second incident, I did in fact tip the waitress 20%, I was on automatic and wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.


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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #220 on: September 19, 2010, 03:31:38 PM »
I worked at a ShopKo one summer, and the result of my working there was that my entire family boycotted the store until it finally closed years later.  

That is one store I can say emphatically I will never shop at. I'd drive 100 miles out of my way before I'd step foot in a Shopko again. (The final straw is a very long story, but the short version is we were trying to buy a dresser for my daughter's room, and the employee who was allegedly helping us not only lied to us about having checked stock in the warehouse, he subsequently lied about us to his supervisor - right in front of us.)


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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #221 on: September 19, 2010, 03:35:37 PM »
I will never shop at the Macy's in my town after an experience I had there about a year ago.  

I picked out two bras, one that was on clearance.  The clearance bra did not have a price tag.

I brought the bras up to the "customer service" counter and tried to pay for them.  The cashier said that she couldn't ring up the bra because it didn't have a tag and I was going to have to find another similar one so that she could ring it up.

I was probably somewhat of a SS, but I told her that really wasn't my job to start pawing through the entire stock of bras to find the one that might have the price.  If there would have been one on the same rack that had the price, I certainly would have brought it up to the counter.  She basically said that it wasn't her job to do that either.  Not only did she lose that sale, I've never been back to that store since.

Um, no. You were not being "special snowflakey" at all. It is reasonable to expect that store personnel be able to give you a price on an item without your having to dig through clearance merchandise where there may or may not be a similar item.


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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #222 on: September 19, 2010, 03:53:30 PM »

Oh, and Best Buy/HSBC will close your account if there are no purchases after two months. So you have a closed account with a balance on your credit report until it is taken care of. Yes, that was the account we had to close because it was destroying our credit so horrendously. How'd you guess?

I have a Best Buy credit account that hasn't been used in far longer than two months, but it is still active, not closed.


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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #223 on: September 19, 2010, 03:57:25 PM »
Best Buy - Pretty much the same experiences as other females - being ignored, talked down to, not being able to buy anything because no one will give me the time of day. I wonder why this is a universal problem at Best Buy when it is not a universal problem in all electronic stores? Other stores seemed to have picked up on the fact that you don't need dangly bits to want to buy an xbox or computer!

I have never had this particular problem at Best Buy - in fact, last time I went in to buy a laptop, I couldn't get various salespeople to stop bugging me and let me be!


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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #224 on: September 19, 2010, 03:57:56 PM »
I visited a book store once and when I was at the check out, the cashier burped right in my face. She had been chatting with her friend until I walked up to the counter and their delightful laughter made it clear that she did it on purpose. She then went on to mock me while she threw the change at me: I guess I looked like a stereotypical book nerd and wasn't hip enough for her taste. I never went back and wasn't too surprised when the store closed a little later.

I had another horrible experience in another book store. I had been browsing the shelves without finding anything interesting and walked out without purchasing anything. The only problem was that the alarm went off when I walked out. The lovely store manager forced me to strip down into my undies in the middle of the store to make certain that I wasn't stealing anything. He didn't even bother to apologize when he realized that I hadn't stolen anything. I get that shoplifting is a problem but to force a barely 20 year old woman to undress in the middle of a store really felt like a violation.