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"I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!

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Last week I went by my mechanic to get my tires aligned. After dropping the car off, I realized I was due for a tune-up, especially before leaving on a long road trip, and asked if they had time to fit me in. They didn't have time but they looked over the car and made a list of what needed to be done so I can take it to another mechanic.

Other mechanic took my list, did everything suggested and then called me and said my tires were horrible and on the point of exploding. I needed to replace them right away. I declined, since my tires have less than 25,000 miles on them and my usual mechanic would have said something while working on the alignment, etc. He said I was risking my own life and those of the other people on the road with me.

I took my car back to my original mechanic and asked if I needed new tires. Nope, they look fine, just need to be rotated.

This isn't enough to blacklist the restaurant permanently, but we're sure not going back for a while.

The brewpub near us went through a renovation a few months ago and sent flyers talking up the new layout and new menu offerings about a month ago (so it's been up and operating for at least 4 weeks at this point).  It's always been a popular place even before the reno, so you'd naturally expect they would know how to handle a crowd - we'd been there before without issues.

Well, the reno expanded both their inside and outside seating capacity - made it more of an informal atmosphere (which is kind of a shame, I preferred the earlier look) and apparently exceeded the capacity of the kitchen and staff to keep up with demand.

We went early on Saturday, knowing it would be somewhat busy but thinking we would beat the rush... No such luck.  20 min wait (which is pretty normal) and we sat outside, since the weather was perfect.  Since we had DD with us and she was getting antsy, I put her order in with the drinks order so she would get her food as soon as possible - the waiter even said that was a good idea as the kitchen was a bit busy.  Then it was nearly 30 min before we got our own food and no sign of DD's, who had been asking us steadily where her food was, poor kid. When the waiter checked (after we had to ask him), the kitchen apparently lost DD's order ticket so hadn't ever started it.  One of the managers brought out her meal with a bonus side about 5-10 min later, and said DD's meal would be comped.  When we finally got the bill, it was not comped although the waiter took it right off after we told him what the manager had said.

Add to that DH's and my own food was not that good (bland sausage and room temp beer [not usual in the US and really odd for a brewery's own pub] for him, overcooked burger with wilted lettuce for me, oversalted fries for all), and it was a big letdown.


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--- Quote from: NyaChan on August 21, 2013, 06:49:45 PM ---My friend shared this story with me. 

She had been referred to a specialized gynecologist for some issues.  She got ready, got into the stirrups and the doctor walks in.  He does the greeting, then sits, leans down and just as he begins the examination suddenly exclaims - "I KNOW YOU!"

Awkward pause...

"You used to be on news!" Cue moment of  :o for her as she wonders what the heck in his line of sight triggered this recognition as, yes, she did use to be on the news.  She is not too keen on returning.

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Bwahaha! I had a friend who had a very similar story, only she was recognized because she's an actress. Still, the weirdness of being recognized at that moment...

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Tacky I know but...    is your friend Sharon Stone?

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LOL! That was the weirdest bit--he recognized her from a play set in the Victorian era, in which her costume (I saw it) covered her from neck to ankle.

Ser Lucien Liliane:
*sigh* Play-Asia.com. I gave them two chances, and that's two too many.

Chance 1: a few years back, a friend purchased me a portable game system through them (why he didn't just order one from a local place, I really don't know, Play-Asia was not any cheaper.) Now, their shipping policy clearly states in numerous places that all orders ship out within one week. Well, three and a half months on, with them giving us the runaround and refusing to tell us what the blinkin' heck was going on, they finally got their heads out of a certain bodily orifice, apologized profusely and promptly shipped it out, promising expedited shipping with full insurance as repayment for all the trouble. Except they ACTUALLY sent it out with their cheapest shipping option, which had NO insurance or tracking whatsoever and took twice as long. Thankfully the system did arrive in perfect condition...

Chance 2: Having forgot about the fiasco in Chance 1, I placed an order for a limited-edition CD. Again, it's promised to ship out within a week. Not even close. It took three weeks, and they changed the shipping preference on it (I went for cheap shipping, yes, but I DID make sure to insure it) to the FREE shipping with - you guessed it - no insurance and tracking. I have no idea where my CD is, when it's going to get here, and no one from the company has even deigned to lift a finger to respond to the complaint I sent in.

And upon asking around in my circle of friends and acquaintances, this is sadly the norm. Not a one has gotten what they were promised in a timely manner, and some didn't get it at all.

That's it. I'm done. I am never shopping there again, no matter if they're the only place on earth that has what I want. How do companies like that even stay in business??

Black Delphinium:
I've had good luck with Play-Asia. I bought my DS Lite from them(I wanted a color not marketed in the US), and at a later date a concert DVD. No hassle.


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