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A co-worker of mine took his car in for a oil change. They conviced him to get a transmission fluid change at the same time. When they cut the old gasket away they also sliced one of the transmission cables. They claimed that it was that way when he brought it in. He had to have it towed to a shop who wrote a letter that it was clear that the tech had cut the cable when removing the gasket. There was a gouge in the metal from the gasket clear across the cables. He was taking them to court over it when I left the company. They were refusing to admit that thier person did the damage.


--- Quote from: Piratelvr1121 on October 15, 2013, 04:11:39 PM ---If it's the chain I'm thinking of, they're individually owned so there's a chance you'd get better service in another location. I almost swore them off completely after an awful experience in my old neighborhood (probably mentioned it here) where I brought my car in for an oil change and two days later, on the way to work my car started shaking so bad I thought it was going to fall apart.

Turns out it was the spark plugs, and one had been loose.  They said "Well we don't touch those so it couldn't have been us!" But the fact that it happened two days after I brought my car to them and they'd been fine up till then? I didn't trust that location with my vehicle ever again.

--- End quote ---

I feel the same way about a brake place that I have a warranty on my brakes for.  One place was NOT busy and tried to sell me an expensive repair to the master cylinder, over & above the warranty work.  However, we had that every part go out a few years earlier and I knew what it "felt like" to drive the car, under those circumstances.  The previous time they had worked on the same vehicle, I had to go back to get an adjustment because the car felt WRONG about two miles from the shop (and they did not charge for what they had forgotten to tighten down - they were also a bit pale when they saw what was going on - and they were NOT naturally pale, so it must have been BAD).

As a result, I still have work done by that company on my brakes under the warranty, just at a different location. 

I also had the brakes, including the master cylinder looked at when I got to Ambrosia Hino's house by the local mechanic that we used when we lived there.  It was fine - the "leak" was a bit of transmission fluid, not brake fluid, so he flushed the system & replaced the "burnt smelling & looking fluid" (oddly enough - that had been done a month earlier by a third company - that we no longer use, either).

And I will be sticking to location #2 of the brake shop & looking for a new, close to the house place to do repairs on the other vehicles and everything but the brakes on the van.

Garden Goblin:

--- Quote from: Sunbeem on October 15, 2013, 03:09:37 PM ---In fact, a fertile egg could hatch after only a couple days at room temp- chicken eggs do not need warmth until the last few days out of the 21 day period.  (Source: family member who used to run a chicken hatchery- apparently the eggs would be refrigerated until about Day 18, then allowed to warm for the last few days).

--- End quote ---

Actually, without the warmth, the development never starts, that's why I can have fertile eggs in my refrigerator without worrying that I'm going to crack one open and have a half-formed chick fall out.

If this were true, nobody would ever buy eggs from me because after a couple days in the fridge there would be bloody development in all the eggs.


--- Quote from: blueyzca01 on October 15, 2013, 03:34:06 PM ---
--- Quote from: AnnaT on October 14, 2013, 06:29:53 PM ---
--- Quote from: Morticia on October 12, 2013, 01:05:54 PM ---A certain car rental place. We had reserved a car for the weekend and DH was supposed to pick it up at 11am. Except, they didn't have any for the 8 people who had reservations. It is a holiday weekend here so all rental cars are spoken for.  They arg now saying they may have cars by 4.   ::)

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This so brought to mind the Seinfeld episode on reservations (I never actually watched the show but due to its popularity, I actually know a lot of its plot lines - this scene though is priceless!). 

"Agent: I'm sorry, we have no mid-size available at the moment.
Jerry: I don't understand, I made a reservation, do you have my reservation?
Agent: Yes, we do, unfortunately we ran out of cars.
Jerry: But the reservation keeps the car here. That's why you have the reservation.
Agent: I know why we have reservations.
Jerry: I don't think you do. If you did, I'd have a car. See, you know how to take the reservation, you just don't know how to hold the reservation and that's really the most important part of the reservation, the holding. Anybody can just take them."


--- End quote ---

I worked for Enterprise in the 90s.  We were shown this clip during orientation.  Very effective about how not to handle this situation.

--- End quote ---

For this reason, I will never go to Budget. I didn't set up the rental in the first place, but I was driving halfway across the country with four other college students. We reserved a van. We had the reservation in place for at least four months before we needed the car. I was going to be in Denver for spring break, they were going to pick me up there on the way to Montana for a convention.

I got a call the day before they were to pick me up. There was a bit of a mix-up at the rental place, they were still on the way, but can they plan on using my car too? Um, no. I had budgeted to be 1/5 of gas on one car, not on two cars. And I wasn't entirely convinced that driving all the way to Montana and then back to Wichita was a great idea in my car. We had planned the whole trip around them picking me up. So I asked why they needed my car to be used.

As it turns out, Budget hadn't given them a van. It had given them a Jeep. Because, you know, the footprint of the car is the same, and the Jeep has more storage space! Besides, college kids obviously wanted a jeep, not a van. Nobody wanted to rent a van. And they were so sorry, but the only van they had working in the region had been renewed elsewhere and was still being rented out and was now two states away. So we stuffed five college kids into a 5-seat jeep and everyone's luggage (including delicate items and musical instruments) were shoved into the back and jostled around.

This was apparently not the first time Budget had messed up rental reservations with this group, and at the convention, we shared horror stories about rentals with hundreds of other people. I will never go back.

We've had better luck at the Budget three blocks (less than a mile) from our house than the Enterprise five or six miles down the same road (from our house).  The first time Enterprise didn't have our mini-van there (we needed two vehicles with seats for six passengers to get twelve students and a driver in each vehicle - plus luggage - to summer camp).  We still had to remind them that we had requested either a luggage rack on top (with the cross bars to tied down a canvas luggage carrier) or a trailer hitch (for a rear luggage rack) on the vehicles (one or the other). 

They did have enough vehicles on hand to swap out one SUV w/o the luggage rack for a second one (not picked up yet - but no request for the additional equipment) that had it - but we had to wait for delivery of the second vehicle, as it was "down the road" at another location.  As they stayed open two hours late to process everyone in line, we didn't get too upset - because we really needed the luggage capacity the next morning at the early morning departure time (before dawn).  We had one minivan - but no cross bars and no luggage hitch - and four passengers in it (fifteen or sixteen kids going to camp, in total).

But around the third or fourth time we used them (more than once a year, on average, but less than twice a year - what with field trips, going to camp, and a personal rental or two) - it just got easier to use Budget because there was a discount with either our bank or our insurance company membership...

Just turned in a vehicle Sunday morning after a six or seven hour round trip to San Antonio over Saturday (two destinations in the area - and NOT on the same road, so there was a bit of extra driving involved).  We'll keep going there - but I miss the way that Enterprise would have the cars washed & vacuumed (if there was time between customers because Budget never seems to have time between customers).


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