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I've got two unfortunately

1)  My parents want to remodel their bathroom.  They'd looked into it 3 years ago, but weren't ready to spend the amount they'd have needed to to get what they wanted.  Now that they are ready, they've budgeted $20k and got a quote from a new contractor in the area.  My mom wasn't thrilled with the design and they redesigned it, but she still remembered the company they'd originally spoken to and gotten an estimate from.  So she called them asking for an appointment and mentioned that she'd had them over about 3 years ago and she'd remembered them now that they were ready to do the project.  She was told that someone would be in touch - cue phone call from the guy who'd viewed their house last time. 

He was super confrontational and asks well "what changed? why should I think that you're actually going to go through with it this time?"  and starts berating my mother and ranting about how people think it is okay to just call them in on a whim with no serious intent.  After my mom listened to a bit of it, she summoned up an inner steel spine I didn't think she had and coolly informed him that she had no intention of convincing him that she was serious and that she no longer wanted him to give her an estimate.  Cue back-tracking on his end, but she simply restated, "No, I don't want an estimate from you anymore, there are any number of other contractors in the area who I'd much prefer to work with now," and ended the call.

She told me that she didn't know if he was the owner himself or else she would have called and informed them of their loss of business at his hands.  I did ask how far they'd gone with them last time (was wondering if he was feeling burned or something) and she basically said that this was what had her most confused - all they'd done was come to the house, gone over what she had in mind, and named a sum.  My parents talked it over, decided it wasn't the right time for it, and called them to let them know. 

2) My sister just finished her residency and my parents decided to give a lunch for family and friends at a popular Middle Eastern Restaurant in the city.  It is very popular for large gatherings - my cousin had her post-wedding wrap-up brunch there with the whole family - and for their buffet.  They now have two locations that are doing very well.  My mom called two months in advance to book a party of 25.  They have three rooms - one is quite large with a bar in the back and in the past they've set up the buffet there with tables around it.  They have another medium sized room and then a smaller room where they've put parties of larger groups in the past.  After making multiple confirmations, we show up to a restaurant that is so packed with people that there is barely room to walk.  The restaurant for reasons I can't understand booked two parties of 100 people, plus our party of 25, and was still taking walk-in diners.  That in and of itself could be okay since they have capacity to seat that many, but here is the part that makes me want to tear my hair out - they put the buffet in the small room. 

My parent's party was shoved in the back of the small room with walk-ins seated towards the front, with one buffet right by the door and 250 people all trying to get food.  I watched as walk-ins were offered drinks while my parents had to corner a waiter to demand water and drinks be offered at our tables after 30+ minutes had passed.  Our guests could barely get food - the queue was impossibly long and when they arrived, they had to fight just to get in the room where we were seated.  Included in our guests - my mom's uncle who just had heart surgery but made a huge effort to come anyways, my sister's attending who helped her get a job and has given her hundreds of dollars in gifts - my parents were mortified.  The restaurant wouldn't even apologize and tried to blame the guests for the confusion (which made no sense!).  After they way they treated us, we will not be going back - I don't care how good their dill rice is - and I know our family members who live in the area and would normally eat there frequently were ticked off as well.   

Our branch of a chain hardware store. We needed to have some building work done, so we contacted them for a quote, and told them our price range.

The initial quote came above our price range, but as we had included a few extras it was acceptable, and we agreed to proceed. Then they sent an inspector round and revised the quote. For exactly the same work they had already quoted on - no building nasties found or any other problem - they upped the quote to one and a half times their initial quote, and over twice our price range.

We phoned up and declined, asking what had changed. They said something vague about building standards, which would have sounded fine except that those were actually itemised on the original quote. We asked if they wanted to take the smaller part of the work, where the quote was still fine. They said no, all or nothing.

Nothing sounds good. We won't be calling them again. What a waste of time.

Queen of Clubs:
The place where I used to live needed a new hot water boiler.  The plumber I hired was late every day, then tried to tell me how punctual he was.  He replaced the water heater, failed to fix the shower that ran off it, and attempted to flirt with me...until his wedding ring dropped out of his spare overalls.  He also pinched the back of my neck as he passed me.

No way, no how would I ever hire him again.

Apparently Target Corp had a major computer issue yesterday that took down the registers in all locations.

People waited hours to check out. Now, I love Target, but I would leave the cart and go. There is nothing worth waiting hours for in a store for me.


--- Quote from: ladyknight1 on June 16, 2014, 08:58:08 AM ---Apparently Target Corp had a major computer issue yesterday that took down the registers in all locations.

People waited hours to check out. Now, I love Target, but I would leave the cart and go. There is nothing worth waiting hours for in a store for me.

--- End quote ---

I heard about that, and I agree. What's funny is I go to Target almost weekly, mainly for groceries, but also other misc stuff, and where my Target is, there's a Walmart literally down the road. I prefer Target, but what I needed/wanted, Walmart had where T did not. So rather than going where Target as I normally would, I went to Walmart instead!  someone must like me.

But I never buy anything that I'd need right then and there, or couldnt get elsewhere, so I would have left as well. And you know what, things happen. And sometimes they can't be fixed ASAP.


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