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"I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!

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Delia DeLyons:
      Went to get tires at a local guy's store.  He was so rude and condescending to me and to every question I asked, which were what I would consider to be quite normal, given his services,  Example:  "Can you look at my tire, it has a slow leak and I was wondering if it could be patched?"  

     And he seemed so put out by my having come into his store AT ALL (note, it was not like it was lunch time, or close to closing or anything, it was just after 1 o'clock on a Saturday) that I felt incredibly uncomfortable and almost bullied the entire time I was there.   I left without purchasing his services, because he had actually made me feel bad, like I was bothering him!!    He was complete with snarky comments and exasperated facial expressions.  It was too much!

     I got my tires at a chain tire store and got exceptionally friendly and courteous service.  

     Months passed, and I had to attend a customer service focus training at work.  (No, I wasn't BAD - everyone had to go  ;))

     The instructor asked us to tell of a time we received poor service.  I started to talk about the rude tire guy and someone in the class immediately says "Oh, the has to be "Man's First Name" Tire's!!!"  

     Yes, it was.  Being famous for being a jerk = good for business?  I don't know... but he's still open... maybe he has good prices or something.   ??? ::) :P


Best Buy: Went there back in July to buy a portable DVD player car charger. This was after searching online and seeing that BB carries them IN STORE and not only online. So I drive over there and tell the associate standing at the door what I am looking for and he directs me to the GPS/Mobile devices area. I go over there and look through all the shelves and aisles....not there. So I start looking for a Sales Associate. Finally find one, and he tries to talk me into buying something that you'd use for a Garmin. Uh...no....that's not what I asked for.

I then go to the Customer Service desk, tell them what I am looking for and they do not have any in stock. No offers to look up another store in the area to see if anyone had one or to order if for me. I ended up going to Walmart and not only did they have it, but the Associate knew right where it was!

Old Navy: went looking for shorts and  all they had were short-shorts, nothing in my size. in fact they didn't have anything above a size 10. Very unhelpful Sales Associates, very rude and condescending attitude.

Lane Bryant: Sales Associate seemed more interested in talking with her friend then doing her job (seeing if I needed help).


/BG: I used to live in a very large city, at least that was what my address said, but in reality it was a tiny island in the middle of the country and suberbs.  This store was in walking distance from my home and the closest drug store.

Locally owned pharmacy.  I stopped in to get some sudafed and they required my ID as everywhere has it behind the counter now (oddly enough I don't need my ID when picking up narcotics).  She examined it closely and then questioned me closely about where I lived and finally said that since I didn't live in her town she wasn't going to sell me any.  By the time I was done I felt like a criminal.  That was last summer.  I wasn't surprised when they closed last spring.

Specific WalMart- I'm not a huge Wally fan, but sometimes you just have to go there.  I really didn't like that store because they had a receipt checker and only checked my race while people of other races walked by without a problem.  I really had to stop at that one and I was waiting in line  two guys came running past me and one caught the other and they were on the floor in a rather nasty fight.  Very bad.  On the up side management came from the woodwork.  On the down side they grabbed the guy1 (who was my race) and let the other guy2 (another race) get away.  Turns out other guy2 had stolen the purse of the woman that guy1 was with.  It had been a long time since I had dealt with such obvious racism and will never go back there.

Sheila Take a Bow:

--- Quote from: magiccat26 on September 16, 2010, 02:48:06 PM ---There is a department store chain that is well known for it's tools and appliances.  Throughout the entire saga, I never yelled obscenities, I never insulted the CSR, I did occasionally get loud and firm, and occasionally had to talk over the person on the other end of the line.


It has been 2 1/2 years, but I refuse to step foot in the store or spend any of my money there.

--- End quote ---

I know that store!  I ordered a split box spring from them and got a call from the delivery people on the day of delivery saying that they had only shipped one of the two parts, and asked if I wanted to refuse delivery.  I said yes.  When I called the CSR, I was basically told that the order no longer existed, that my credit card had already been charged but would be credited at some point after the half of a box spring was back in their warehouse.  Then she offered to transfer me to sales so I could place a new order.  They eventually refunded my money after a couple of weeks.  (And in the time it took for them to credit my card, DH and I had ordered a box spring from a local mattress store and had it delivered.)

I went back to them (foolishly) because I got a deal on a baby swing.  I ordered it online for in-store pickup.  I got an email that it was available, but when DH went to pick it up it wasn't in the store.  Apparently someone had marked the order as complete (even though they had no record that the swing had been picked up), so I was charged but I never got the item.  And it wasn't in the store at all.  DH asked how long it would be before it could be reordered, and I was told that because the order was shown as complete we'd have to buy it again.

When DH asked about a refund, he was told it would have to be done online.  I called the CSRs and was told it couldn't be done online, because the transaction was "completed" at the store, so the store would have to fix it.  Everyone on up to the store manager insisted it had to be done online, and all of the CSRs for the website insisted it had to be done in store.

In the end, I tried to dispute the charge with my credit card, but because it was under $50 the credit card company wouldn't do it.  At the time I'd just had my baby and I decided that my time was worth more than the $50 that Sears had swindled out of me.  So instead I won't shop there or any of their sister stores.

Lady Snowdon:
I worked at a ShopKo one summer, and the result of my working there was that my entire family boycotted the store until it finally closed years later.  

1) I was written up for failing to respond to my supervisor's call, despite the fact that she was asking me to call the wrong phone number to contact her.

2) Same supervisor decided to quit and become a flight attendant.  At the team meeting where this was announced, supervisor smiled very evilly and said, "Yes, and I intend on making sure as many of you as possible are fired before I leave".  :o

3) The night supervisor called me into his office one night to ask me why I'd been in the bathroom for "so long" earlier that night.  I stammered out something about "female issues" and he told me he'd been watching me work via the security cameras for quite some time!  He also encouraged me to "come talk to him" any time I had a problem.

4) When I was fired from there, the supervisor who officially fired me told me outright, "You're a really good worker, but *other supervisor* doesn't like you, so you've got to go".  

I've never set foot in a store owned by that company since.


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