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Kate Perry--inside joke or really poor manners?

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Singer Kate Perry called out her one time crush at her high school and scolded him for not giving her the time of day when they were students.  (I don't have the link and wouldn't know how to link it up if I did.)

In an interview, he said that he doesn't remember her having a crush on him at all, that they had always been friends and he thought it was just a way for her to segue into her song about jilted loves. 

So, do you think it was a publicity stunt, an in-joke between them or just really bad behavior on her part?  In the video I thought she sounded  more joke-y than really peeved, but it was only a little snip.  Anyone else see it or have opinions?  If she was really holding on to a grudge all these years, I think it shows her to be immature and he comes off looking very classy.

I assume you are talking about Katy Perry?

Did she actually use his name?

Peggy Gus:

--- Quote from: jimithing on September 16, 2010, 06:27:25 PM ---I assume you are talking about Katy Perry?

Did she actually use his name?

--- End quote ---

Yes, she did.

It definitely has a feeling of sour grapes to me, but then again, who of us hasn't sort of wanted to rub it in, to that guy who didn't give us the time of day, or the girl who bullied us? I can relate, but I'm not sure if it's the classiest move.

So the guy didn't want to date her in highschool.

What of it?

Was she maybe thinking that he would regret that now that she was famous? That everyone would want to date her or have dated her now? That's kind of an interesting assumption on her part!

I wouldn't want to date her either. :P  >:D


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