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You know you've achieved nerdhood when...

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--- Quote from: Ms_Cellany on January 16, 2013, 02:48:31 PM ---
--- Quote from: Shea on January 16, 2013, 02:46:59 PM ---BF and I adopted a cat from the local SPCA last weekend. When we'd made our choice and filled out all the paperwork, we went to get the cat. As I opened the cage to lift him out and put him in the carrier, the cat saw his chance and jumped out between my hands and made a beeline for the large scratching post in the corner. BF (the gamer nerd) piped up, "Wow, that cat's got high dex!"

--- End quote ---

"Dex" is a nice name...

--- End quote ---

Haha, it is, actually! Too bad we already named him Seamus.

When there is a Star Trek movie playing in the background that you aren't paying much attention to, the Captain's communicator beeps, and you reach for YOUR cellphone...

(It's my incoming text message beep.)

Peopl,e nick name you The Dork! At work!, LilacRosey

Did anyone do anything for pi day? DH asked for a pie to take to work (software engineer). in 2015 they're going to have a blow out with deep dish pizza pies and dessert pies as well

So, in keeping with the theme, we had chicken pot pie for dinner :)

We didn't do anything for Pi day.... but 3/14/15 will be a biggie!


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