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You know you've achieved nerdhood when...

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You do your shift at the library information desk and can't help but overhear a conversation two boys at the Wii have about reaching a hidden level in New Super Mario Bros and you casually tell them they need a mini mushroom for that.

White Dragon:
Several years ago, I participated in a Secret Santa exchange at work. Participation was voluntary, and to help the gifters choose something appropriate, each participant filled out a tag with 2 or 3 inexpensive suggestions.
My go-tos were always coffee and chocolate, and that particular year I added "Lawn ornament" because there were lots of cute options out there.

Well, the Coworker I Disliked The Most drew my name. And she bought me a lawn ornament.
Now, there is absolutely nothing offensive about this lawn ornament. It's a little cherub with reflective wings,  much like this one: http://outdoorstatue.org/store/cherub-garden-statues/seated-cherub-statue-medium-121702069919400/

I probably wouldn't have picked it out for myself, but it's inoffensive and I did find a perfect use for it on my deck.

However...because it was given to me by someone I really didn't care for, it's very hard to get attached to the little thing.
And as time goes on, it's sort of become affectionately hideous in our eyes.

And, every few months, someone spots it and starts another round of "Weeping Angel."  :)

This geek game involves taking the statue and sticking it in places designed to startle other members of the family.  ;D
This week it was in my dresser drawer (thank you son!)
From there it went to Mr. Dragon's sock drawer.
He, in turn, put it in the kid's bathtub, where a groggily awake teenager would be sure to get an eyeful first thing in the morning.  >:D
(Got an unexpected victim when Big Sister when to borrow the teen's tub for a late night bath. She shrieked most satisfactorily!)  >:D ;D >:D

So that is what geeks do. They find lemons and turn them into Dr. Who games of "torment the family!"

WhiteDragon, I believe this would be relevant to your interests.

White Dragon:

--- Quote from: Slartibartfast on April 23, 2013, 02:38:30 PM ---WhiteDragon, I believe this would be relevant to your interests.

--- End quote ---


Good thing the work day is over, I was making a lot of chortles and snerk-noises at the reception desk here!

I sent that home.
I have....plans for it..... >:D >:D

No one will play POTC scene it with you other than your equally obsessed friend.   Extra points if you use character voices to answer and say "Well that doesn't count because it's not technically true, this game was obviously produced before At World's End!"


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