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You know you've achieved nerdhood when...

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Even if you don't have a Kindle, the Kindle app for any handheld device, pc or mac is awesome. I have my Kindle library on all my devices; three laptops, two desktops, a Galaxy Tab, and an iPad.


--- Quote from: greencat on April 29, 2013, 07:15:08 PM ---I fully anticipate having to argue with my as-yet-unfound future husband over which fandom we're giving our children names from.

Also, when you go to a party, and the pick-up lines go more like "what's your alignment?" than "what's your sign?"

--- End quote ---

Good thing that I have a boy name (picked from dr.who, and SO has a girl name from a sci-fi book, and neither of us object to the other one. But that would be for fictional, as yet to determine if we want one, with each-other, kids.)

While telling my SO yesterday that I'm always in need/want of a kiss I told him it was a constant, like f(x)=yes.
I'm not even sure if what I said made sense and is a constant (tho I think it is?), but it made him grin ear to ear, he's the math wizz :).

I read math books for fun.

I read linguistics books for fun.   :)

BF and I had the following conversation this morning (bg note: we met online. This is relevant).

Me: ::something about the aesthetic of classic Star Wars vs. the new Star Wars with reference to the 2009 Star Trek movie::
BF: I can't believe I've shacked up with such a nerd.
Me: Hey, there was a picture of me on my OKCupid profile dressed as Malcolm Reynolds. You were warned.
BF: ...that's fair.

It should be noted that BF is also a massive nerd. We spent last night watching the 2009 Star Trek movie and trying to play a drinking game wherein we took a sip each time there was a lens flare. We gave up about 20 minutes in, realizing that we would be, at the very least, blackout drunk by the end if we kept going.


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