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My dad and I had a sneaky garden gnome battle a couple of years ago when I still lived at home.  It began when I turned one of his gnomes to look like it was peeing on a tree. He retaliated by making two of them peek in my bedroom window at me. It escalated from there...

His best trick was when he took the morning off to beat me to work by about 30 minutes (an hour and a half drive in rush hour traffic, so he really worked for it) so that he could place a gnome in my desk drawer with my office mate's help.

My return trick wasn't quite as much work, but I enjoyed it. I managed to get an afternoon off and snuck the gnome into his gym bag, so when he went to work out, he was faced with a small bearded friend wearing his change of underpants.

After that, the battle downgraded to small gnome statues exchanged on gift-giving holidays and rearranged in the potted plants in our respective homes.

I think the fact that some friends that I just recently made label their vacation photos with the scientific names of the plants and animals in them is the best.thing.ever.


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