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I've rubbed off on the kids a little too well

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well I ran into the 12 year old girl today (Leather Lady's daughter)

she is staying with her Grandmother for the weekend

I asked where her brother was ---

In a cage in the closet......a very SMALL cage....

THAT'S my girl !   Giggle

surprised me that she didn't say in a pumpkin -- we are having a fest in town with BIG pumpkins -- winner this year 1569 Pounds.

and we are baking a giant pie - 20 foot across and about 3700 pounds of pie.

Tee-hee. I once dared my brother that there was no way he could fit in the dog crate in the computer room.

I lost the bet, but I had pics :P (no idea where in cyberspace they are now though)

Found it!

That is my brother, in 9th grade inside of a medium sized dog crate. And yes, it is locked shut- it was the only way to get the pic :P

And you let him out?  :o  There were times I wished I could have locked my brother in a dog crate!

When my brother was 9 and I was 12, he read a book on Houdini.  Very soon after that, my mother left me in charge of him while she took my sister somewhere.  Bro said that he could get out of any knot (a la Houdini), so I tied him to the stair railing with a jump rope.

When my mom got home 2 hours later, she found my brother, still tied to the stairs and crying, and me sitting at the top of the stairs "babysitting."

I got in SO much trouble.  Oh, but it was worth it (and he was fine).

kitty_kats mom:
and if your brother EVER finds out you posted this picture on the internet.....you will DIE!!!  But it was hysterical - they even re-created it when I got home from work - the only catch...he made me stand between his "loving" sister and the crate!!
also - now, as a college freshman, "little" brother is 6 feet tall but still has a body of a cross country runner......


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