Etiquette School is in session! > "Why would I want to do that?"

"There is no chance I would ever have a romantic rel[color=black]ationship[/color] with you."

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It's so they don't trigger the ad filters which would then start displaying some very strange advertisements :D 

I have this happen to me, too, and have even ended up on dates (somehow ???) that I didn't know were dates! Ugh.

I agree with Noelle that it is a waste of everyone's time to keep putting them off. But I don't think the answer is to give excuses.

Just be honest. "I'm sorry; you're a great friend/colleague/coworker/etc., but I am not interested in d@ting you." Being polite doesn't necessarily mean not hurting anyone's feelings.

Some guys will get mad and push you to date them anyway. They are jerks. Drop them.

Another BTDT.

I was out with some co-workers a while back, before Honey and I became exclusive. One of the guys asked me if I wanted to go out the next night. I told him "No."

He pressed, asking why.

I told him, point blank, but in a light tone, "Because I just don't want to."

He paused, kinda chuckled a little, and said "Well, I guess there's just no arguing with that, now, is there?" and we changed the subject.

A guy emailed me to hang out on facebook and I told him I was sorry that I was busy studying for my certification test (which was true). He sent back a snarky reply.

If I straight up say no then sometimes they go into whining and trying to talk me into it. My tactic is to lay off contact with them.

All around awkward.

It's awkward because they make it that way. I don't have any respect for men who try to whine and pressure their way into getting dates.


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