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Bringing up a discussion somewhere else?


Just Lori:
Are we forbidden to bring up an Ehell topic somewhere else, if Ehell isn't referenced and no links are posted?

For instance, (I'm going to pick on an old thread), maybe we've had a discussion here about whether it's rude to ask for a recipe.  I think, hmm, I have a bunch of friends on a mothers' board who cook, and I'd be curious to find out what they think?  Can I post the question on my FB or in another discussion board, as long as I don't reference Ehell or the link and I'm reasonably sure that Ehell will not come up in the subsequent responses? 

Sometimes I'm interested in hearing the opinions of people who don't frequent this board (I believe a handful still exist out there), but I don't want to step on any toes or endanger my membership here.

If you don't make any reference to Ehell or any links, I think you would be OK. We talk about lots of stuff here. Some topics are bound to come up in other places, too. :) The only problem with outside discussions is if it degenerates into a forum war between Ehell and someplace else. People have been banned for starting forum wars.

I can't think of any reasons why it would be a problem. blue2000 is correct, it's when it becomes a forum war that it becomes a problem. As long as no one is badmouthing our forum or it's members  then it's fine.

(I also want to add that the reverse is also true: If someone brings up a topic *here* that is being discussed elsewhere on the net, we shouldn't be able to find that other forum or speak badly of the people there.)

Just Lori:
Thanks for your feedback. :)


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