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She Has Worms!!!


B/G  I am raising my two grandsons.  Their mother had "issues" for a few years, and I gained permanent guardianship over them 8 years ago.  A couple of years ago, she got herself straight, and is now again in their lives.  A month ago, she moved into a new place and called me saying, "You know how some people move into a place, and they have ants or roaches? Well, I have worms!!!"  It had rained, and the landlord was doing some foundation work, and somehow a couple of worms appeared in her living room.

The other day I was talkin to her on the phone, and she was telling me how she didn't feel well.....achey all over, stuffy, sore throat, etc.  I told her to take some nyquil and get to bed early so her body could rest.  After I hung up the phone, I told oldest GS that his mom wasn't feeling well.  He said, "I think she should go get herself checked out really good.  I'm worried about her."  I asked him why he was worried and he replied, "Well, didn't you say she had worms?"   ;D ;D ;D

Maybe you want to move this to the "Humor me" folder.

Thanks.  Wasn't sure where to put it.  Hope I did it right.

That's very funny!

Haha! That cracked me up. ;D
Reminds me of a funny story about my oldest daughter. When she was three, I collected her from playgroup. The playgroup leader told me that they had been playing doctors, and my daughter informed her that she needed a week off work, due to high blood pressure and nits. Ha.


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