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Always pay attention to an occupied cat...

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If your cat is too "busy" looking at something to come over for rubs, PAY ATTENTION!  I was 3/4 asleep as the alarm just went off and I got out of bed.  Normally my girl will rush to the bed when she hears the alarm so she can get snooze alarm scratchies.  No where to be seen this morning.  I go to the bathroom and she is surprised to see me in there.  I "go".   It's then I notice that she's looking at something.  I look down next to me, I see nothing.  I look at the cat.  She is engrossed in something.  Out of the corner of my eye I see something black scurry.  I scream as a huge water bug races within an inch of my feet - pajama pants around my ankles or not, I practically jumped a foot in the air!  DH yells through the door to see what the problem is  - and curse DH for putting his sandals away the night before or I would've had something to swat it with  >:D  As it was, I hurried up with things and ran out of the bathroom.  I told DH it was hiding under the bathmat & now my bathmat is just a bit flatter than it used to be...  Pay attention to your cat.  They are much more aware than you in the morning.

Yeah, I know THAT look from a cat.  It nearly always means that something with WAAAAAAY too many legs is around.  :o ;D

I always would get made because I thought the purpose of a cat was to EAT those things!
And my cat would eat spiders or flies. But not the big waterbugs.

He'd just follow them around like a pointer.

When Ambrosia Hino was a little girl, my parents lived two doors down from our house.  She was over there playing in the back yard and our indoor/outdoor cat had followed her down.  Bandit was watching something intently enough that Grandpa came over to see what was so interesting.

Once he got over there and looked at the "interesting item" he grabbed a hoe and cut the baby rattlesnake's head off!

Bandit was a hero - as DD had been heading over to see what her kitty was doing, too. 

I was pregnant with my second, and woke up having to go potty as only a mommy to be has to go potty. When I came out of my bedroom, there was a group of cats staring at something on the floor. I had no glasses on so I couldn't see a dingdaggity thing and I was in emergency potty mode. I step over the cats.

When I was done, I step back over the cats, get to the bedroom, and return to the cats. On the dark carpeting I am trying to locate the subject of their amusement. I wasn't worried about spiders, as those were quickley dispatched and eaten.

On very close inspection I find the inerds of a mouse poor thing never had a chance.


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