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Author Topic: I actually felt small yesterday...  (Read 5669 times)

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Re: I actually felt small yesterday...
« Reply #30 on: December 06, 2010, 02:03:40 PM »
I'm 5'8" if I stand up straight.

Over tgiving my nephews visited me. The 20-yr old is 6'6".

The 18-yr old? Still growing? is 7'2".

Yeah, I felt really small.

This sounds like my two nephews (Older Sis' sons).  Their dad is 6'4"; the shorter of the two (the older one) is around 6 feet tall or so.  The younger one is 6'5", and weighs 280.  The younger one also has vivid red hair and is a science and math teacher.  I once asked him if his students give him a hard time; he looked puzzled and said, "No.  Why should they?" 


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Re: I actually felt small yesterday...
« Reply #31 on: December 11, 2010, 04:47:53 PM »
I was a tall child but stopped growing when I was about 12 and am now the average height for women my age here (people seem to be getting taller all the time so that I'm now shorter than the national average) but I felt a lot bigger, like I was still the second biggest person in my class (the tallest grew up to be actually tall, instead of just imagining it). My boyfriend is about 8 inches taller and a lot heavier and I have to say that I enjoy feeling small. And I think that my perception of my size has changed, though now I probably feel smaller than I really am.

Yeah, I thought I was going to be tall there for awhile because I got my growth early. When I was about 11 I was one of the tallest girls in my class. Then everyone else kept growing and I didn't. I've been exactly the same size I am now (I was also an "early bloomer" :P ) since I was 13 or 14. I can still wear clothes from my freshman year of high school. At least I got to experience height for a awhile ::sigh::.

Last year when we moved my husband made me throw out a shirt I bought when I was 12.  I was 25.  But honey I don't wear it out of the house anymore!

I'm another one who stopped growing upwards around age 12.  I've added enough hip in the second half of my life-so-far that I don't fit in middle school pants anymore, but shirts are just fine...  added a bit in that area up through college but not so much as to make things not work.

I still have shoes from that long ago, too.  Ssh!  don't tell DH!

I still have a couple of shirts from back then.  Actually, I have one from prior to that... I just don't admit to having gotten it (admittedly in a slightly-too-large size) in fourth grade...

Me too. I was joking around at work about one of the young guys, and I said "I have underwear older than them!" Co-worker cracked up. She thought it was nuts that I wouldn't buy new undies. I thought it was nuts that they still FIT (they have since gone to the big laundry pile in the sky).

I was a very tall child, so I'm still not that short (approx 5'5"). I would like to be a little taller, though. I seem to end up standing on my tippy toes for a lot of things.
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