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Why home improvement jobs always ends up being a bigger job than expected...

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DH & I need to paint our 2nd bedroom.  It's a shade of yellow that resembles a mango, but due to the amount of sunshine this room gets, it gives me a headache...  This is our cats' room...  Litterbox, food, cat tree, etc. are all in this room.  So in order to paint (job 1), we needed to move out the cat stuff & some items we have stored there (job 2). 

When I move stuff, I tend to reorganize so it takes me awhile (job 3). 

Anyway, I moved the cat tree to find that one of the cats had thrown up while sitting on the top perch.  This resulted in cat crunchies stuck down the side of the bed skirt and on the floor... 

So I then had to remove the bed skirt, wash it & iron it (job 3, 4 & 5) so it'll be ready to go back on the bed after painting. 

While removing the bed skirt, I tore it & had to sew it back up (job 6). 

Then decided to move my desk to the other bedroom (job 7). 

This means I had to move the computer, printer, modem & files (job 8). 

Then move the dresser in the other room to fit the desk (job 9). 

However, my donation pile is where the desk needs to be so I had to load up the car & drive the stuff to Goodwill after taking a complete inventory for tax purposes (job 10 & 11). 

Then decided to use one of the storage shelves as a plant stand for the kitchen so had to find places to store everything on the shelves (job 12). 

Then decided to unbox my sweaters that were stored in the room but had to move my shoes out of the closet in bedroom 1 to make room (job 13 & 14). 

I had to clear off the 2nd storage shelves to make room for my shoes & move the shelves into the 1st bedroom (job 15). 

And since we're going to be painting, I needed to move the cat food to the other room so I had to rearrange the living room area to create a space for the food that was safe from being kicked over (job 16). 

And all the reorganizing & going through stuff left me with another pile of donatation items so I'm going to have to go back to Goodwill (job 17). 

And after all this, I'm too worn out to get to the painting...   ::)  Next time I decide to do a project, I'm just going to drink a glass of wine instead.

Oh, I hear you! My recent attempt to cull the book collection in one room led, in the end, to a complete deep cleaning of the room including washing the windows, rearranging just about all the furniture, moving one bookcase to another room, moving a chair into the room, pretty much changing the position of every lamp in the house, two donation drop-off trips to Goodwill and one trip to the vacuum cleaner repair shop. I resisted the impulse to repaint the room and I'm glad I did, because who knows what that would have led to?

In the end, after some work, I did manage to find 62 books to donate, which was how the whole thing got started in the first place.

I think you missed a few jobs.

When taking the drawers out of the desk to move, I would have realized they were a mess and needed to be reorganized, too.

The same thing with the dresser.

And of course I would have realized that floor needed cleaning with wood clean or the carpet needed shampooing.

Then the curtains are old or don't match and need to be either washed or replaced.

I go through a lot of wine.

Hubby and I find a decent entertainment center at goodwill.
Buy it and take it home to install.
Everything has to be disconnected from the old stand and living room has to be reorganized since we slacked off on the laundry.
Find we need one longer cord for the gamestation.
I reorganize most of the laundry and find we have a number of baby items. Shift pile to kitchen table.
Laundry put away.
Entertainment center done except for cord.
Baby pile needs folding.
Go to walmart to pick up the cord... and do major monthly shopping at the same time.
Get home put away groceries and install clock in bathroom.
Install cord in living room and realize there is nowhere to put the old TV stand.
Go to bed and ignore.

Wake up Sunday to realize that we need to reorganize walkin closet to fit old TV stand. Walkin closet smirks and disarranges the giant piles of stuff to make the job even more tiring. Have a ball trying to bend over at 7 months pregnancy! Husband helps then goes to make sure the gaming system still works since most of the clothes are mine... sigh.
Spread contents of closet over connecting bathroom and begin to organize.
Find a million hangers after we bought 3 dozen new ones to help organize!
Mess spreads to living room, get closet done, clear out bathroom and find giant Goodwill pile has migrated over to dining area.

Sigh and wish I could have a cup of wine, but the baby really doesn't need that. Only 12 more weeks to go.

So i clicked on this thread thinking "I bet it is a cat"

Sure enough cats are mentioned in the first paragraph

Then some how they do not interfere in the rest of the story.  Sure one vomited, but that sounds like it was before the fact.

I was fully expecting more cats underfoot trying to help.


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