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  • December 10, 2016, 05:50:41 AM

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Author Topic: Pyramid Scheme "Exchanges" on Facebook  (Read 1166 times)

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Re: Pyramid Scheme "Exchanges" on Facebook
« Reply #15 on: Yesterday at 09:53:33 AM »
I don't see many - I just ignore. If I thought a friend/family member was falling for a big scam (or doing something they'd likely get in legal trouble for) I would say something, but if they're just out the money for a book or bottle of wine, well, that lesson would probably stick longer than anything I'd say anyway. :)

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Re: Pyramid Scheme "Exchanges" on Facebook
« Reply #16 on: Yesterday at 10:00:28 AM »
I don't think I've seen this particular type of thing in my Facebook feed, but if had/do, I'd just treat it like any other Facebook version of the chain letter and ignore it by scrolling on by. 

I'd lump in with those other pathetic posts that start with "Can you just post this for one hour to show your support for...", which I totally ignore.

I have Never seen it either. Must be an 'Overseas' thing
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Re: Pyramid Scheme "Exchanges" on Facebook
« Reply #17 on: Yesterday at 10:14:44 AM »
Here is how the book exchange supposedly works:

Welcome to our secret sister gift exchange! Here's how it works:

1) Send one gift value at least $10 to secret sister #1 below.

2) Remove secret sister's name from #1; then move secret sister #2 to that spot.

3) Add your name to #2 with your info.

4) Then send this info to 6 other ladies with the updated name info

5) Copy the secret sister request that I posted on my wall, to your own wall. If you cannot complete this within 1 week please notify me, as it isn't fair to the ladies who have participated and are waiting for their own gifts to arrive. You might want to order directly from a web-based service (Amazon, or any other online shop) which saves a trip to the post office. Soon you should receive 36 gifts! What a deal, 36 gifts for giving just one! Be sure to include some information about yourself ... some of your favorites. Seldom does anyone drop out because it's so much fun to send a gift to someone you may or may not know ... and of course it's fun to receive. You should begin receiving gifts in about 2 weeks if you get your letters out to your 6 people right away.

There's at least one problem with chain letters. They're illegal if they request money or other items of value and promise a substantial return to the participants. Chain letters are a form of gambling, and sending them through the mail (or delivering them in person or by computer, but mailing money to participate) violates Title 18, United States Code, Section 1302, the Postal Lottery Statute. (Chain letters that ask for items of minor value, like picture postcards or recipes, may be mailed, since such items are not things of value within the meaning of the law.)
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Re: Pyramid Scheme "Exchanges" on Facebook
« Reply #18 on: Yesterday at 04:51:10 PM »
I've never seen the wine variant, but that can pose its own set of problems in the US - you can't ship alcohol to/from some states, and shippers won't necessarily let you send alcohol unless you're a distributor and require ID for receipt.
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