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  • January 28, 2015, 07:23:50 AM

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Author Topic: Vaguebooking  (Read 6655 times)

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Re: Vaguebooking
« Reply #90 on: Today at 02:46:56 AM »
My SIL does this all the time.  I refuse to comment and ignore.  But, she has plenty of fb friends who all clamor to ask if she is ok,  can they do anything, say that she is too wonderful to let others get to her... etc. Drives me NUTS.


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Re: Vaguebooking
« Reply #91 on: Today at 03:11:28 AM »
I just ignore vaguebooking.  I am not going to feed into their drama by asking whats wrong, if they want me to know they need to come out and tell me.