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study on re[color=black]lationships[/color] in an online community - Update: done!


Would you like to participate in a study on relationships in an online community?

I seek about 100 participants for a brief online survey concerning Ehell, as an example of an established community. This research is part of my masterís work at the University of Texas at Dallasís Emerging Media and Communications program. All replies will be anonymous and confidential. The results will be made available to participants in December.

Participants must be at least 18 years old. The study is being done under the supervision of my professor and the approval of UTDís Institutional Review Board. EhellDame has also given permission for this study.

If you are interested, please send me a private message. Do not post a public reply, in order to maintain anonymity.

Update: the study is done!  Here it is as I submitted it to the professor for my final grade (an A!)

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to create a survey that could mathematically measure my initial question - how do face-to-face meetings affect a person's sense of connection to a forum?  But I was able to study what plays a role in deciding whether to meet face-to-face.

The paper is here.

Too fun! I have printed this off to read over lunch. You're a doll for sharing. Thanks :) And congrats! A study like that is time consuming and quite an undertaking!

Thanks for the link! there are all kinds of possibilities for future research.

Good read, well done!

 Have to share--this first week of school, my son is taking a speech/debate/listening/etc... type course.
The teacher split the class in two to debate FaceBook vs. face time.  After the first few openings and debate volleys, the teacher had to clarify what face time was, NOT the app, and left the room for a moment...I am sure to laugh, groan, shake off his feelings of generational gap, and re-compose himself. 

(My son realized at the on-set that  face time was an actual face to face meeting, but was swayed by the entire group saying that FaceTime is a phone app for real time chatting.  I told him that staying your ground and proving your point, not being swayed by peer pressure was a side lesson for this course.  :) )

The students are 15-16 years old. 


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