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Mistake, sorry.


I'm really sorry - tried to move a topic to 'All In A Day's Work', and screwed up. :-[

(Mods, many apologies - please delete this post if you see fit, and I'll repost in the correct forum.)

Oh heck. I deleted an entire thread when I tried to move it, and it was a long one, too. I still don't know what happened.

Eek, Cass! That is bizarre.

There's a tiny possibility that the board had a fritzy moment, but I suspect I just misclicked. ::) Posted in Life...In General by mistake, tried to move it to All In A Day's Work, and somehow it ended up here in Forum Announcements! Thought it best to just edit/delete/apologise and repost, rather than moving it again and turning it into a multi-board scavenger hunt...


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