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Etiquette hell bingo :p


Going to the wedding of someone who isn't exactly Miss Manners?
Here's what you can do:

Print the table below and distribute to guests:

  "IT'S          |   cash                     |  BM             |
   MY            |   bar                       | fired            |
  DAAAY!!"   |                               | to keep        |
                   |                               |  even sides  |
                   |screaming fit about   |   keep         |
   dollar        |  BMs not walking     |    guests      |
   dance       | exactly as she         | waiting for   |
                   | imagined                 |   hours         |
screaming    |royal, friendship-      |                    |
fit about       |destroying               | visibly          |
not getting   |screaming fit            |snubbing       |    
the right gifts|about pregnant BM  | someone       |

Check off the appropriate block when any of the things mentioned on the table happens.
When you get three blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, stand up and shout: "BRIDEZILLA!" (find the bingo for GROOMONSTER in post 3, thanks 4 the idea :) )

DISCLAIMER: Jolie_kitten does not advocate the actual use of Ehell-bingo, Bridezilla-edition at weddings; however, fantasizing about it when confronted with rudeness may be an effective coping strategy.

Maybe you could use a pink Bingo dabber for the bride's transgressions, and a blue one for the groom's, and then it'll only count as a win if you get a chain of all the same colour, so you can yell out the appropriate moniker.  Does that make sense?

Cool-one :) Well, I thought of it more as bridezilla-bingo; I should make a few modifications in order to perfectly work for groomonster too:
  "IT'S                 |   cash                     | groomsman |
 MY DAY ,            |   bar                       | fired            |
JACK**S!! "        |                               | to keep        |
                          |                               |  even sides  |
                          | getting drunk and     |   keep        |
   dollar               |  screaming profanity|    guests     |
   dance              | at any of the guests | waiting for  |
                          |                                |   hours       |
screaming  fit       |getting drunk           |                   |
about  not getting | and hitting on         | visibly         |
  the right             |      the MOH            |snubbing      |
 bachelor party     |                               | someone     |

Same rules, except, of course, you'll scream GROOMONSTER! instead of BRIDEZILLA!

I thought this post was going to be bingo about ehell itself with the squares saying things like:

1) Is tipping necessary?
2) Tall passengers on airlines
3) Confronting food thieves

...that kind of thing!


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