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Think I locked myself out of my original account, like the doofus I am sometimes


Mods -- please forgive me if you can find it in your hearts.

I noticed one day (last week?) that the email I had supplied in my original profile info was an address to which I no longer have access. I went to change the email address, but I think I must have misspelled something in my new addy, because I never received the confirmation email which is now required for me to log in under my original screenname. I checked in my spam and everything, it's just not there. Clicked on the link to have a new activation email sent to me... still nothing.

I created a new profile with the hopes that I could get my old profile back, but if it's too much of a hassle, I can start over with this new name... :)

Try it now. It should work. The email change had to be approved.

Hooray! I feel like my old self again!  ;D Thank you, Ticia!

You're welcome. :)


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