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Still waiting for the update when Shari calls the next time..............  :) Still could be many more stories here!


--- Quote from: boxy on July 13, 2011, 10:27:23 AM ---Gasp!  You're right!  By divesting myself of Oz and Shari I've stolen future stories right out from underneath all my ehell buddies.   ;D

--- End quote ---

Oh, I doubt it.  Maybe THIS Shari will drop from your life, but there will be others.  Different names, different circumstances, but the behaviour is not at all unique to this particular person.  Trust me.  There will be others.  Which means there will be more stories.

It's all good.  ;D

Etta Kett:

--- Quote from: Nora on December 08, 2010, 09:27:15 AM ---I work in a hospital, and we do sometimes get people faking seizures. Healthcare is free here, so they are not out any money, no matter how many times they do this. I can't for the life of me understand how it makes someone feel good to waist a specialists time like that. Don't they know the doctors, nurses, and all other medical staff know they are faking? Or is it just about getting attention from friends and family?

I cringe when I type up the (many, and expensive) tests they require. It's sad, and mind-boggling at the same time.

--- End quote ---

I think you meant to type "free". And that's reason #29061  why health care is so expensive...  ::)

this "friend" hung up on you when you told her your DH had a heart attack.  How dare you have something more dramatic!
Done deal.  Friendship over.


I'm totally not impressed with Shari, but ...

Oz may be over-reacting, but let's please not call him crazy. Anxiety can cause some very real symptoms that can mimic a heart attack or stroke ... things with which you don't want to mess around. That said, he does need some help. Probably just not the kind he thinks he needs.

(I've been to the ER several times for these symptoms. When your heart's thudding in your chest so hard you swear you can see it, or your entire left side is numb, it's hard to tell yourself it's anxiety. And you can never be sure. Most docs will tell you to go ... just in case.)


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