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When my mother was a child she was considered 'painfully thin'.

  She lived only about a block away from her primary school and the doctor prescribed that she should have lunch at home.  The lunch was to include a bottle of stout (yes, it was the alcoholic kind) to 'build her up'. 

This was prescribed for a child of 7 or 8 years old. 

It's a wonder that my mother didn't fall asleep in afternoon classes. 

Even doctors...

I recently had cataract surgery, one eye first, the other two weeks later. The ophthalmologist prescribed steroid drops for my eyes, to continue for six weeks.

1. I have been told by more than one doctor to avoid steroids - they cause a rise in my fasting blood glucose. I told him this.

2. The prescribing information that comes with the bottle says, specifically, to use them for two weeks after cataract surgery (not six).

At the  two week checkup for the second eye, I asked him if I could stop taking them, because they were irritating my eyes. He said no, for various good-sounding reasons. So I kept on, until my eyes felt sunburned all the time. I stopped two days ago, resolving that if my eyes and my glucose levels didn't get better, I'd start again.

Today, my eyes feel normal, and my fasting blood glucose is back where it should be - 20-30 mg/dl lower than it has been since I started those drops.

Yeah, doc, I'm sure that keeping my  eyes irritated and painful for 6 weeks would do them a lot of good. And, may I remind you that uncontrolled diabetes causes blindness, among other things?  >:(

RooRoo, I would seek out an opthamologist that specializes in patients with diabetes. That is bad medicine.

I was at a cook-out and had this boggling conversation.

Friend: mbbored, I'm headed to Charlotte next week for work.
CKIA1: Oh, that's part of what NC calls "The Triangle;" it's a very pretty area.
Me: Actually, Charlotte's not part of the Triangle but it is a nice area.
CKIA1: Yes, it is.
Me: Well I grew up, went to college and worked in the Triangle, so I'm pretty sure I know what cities it contains.
CKIA1: Fine, what do think the Triangle is?
Me: Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill.
CKIA1: And Charlotte.
Me: No. You see, those three cities are all right by each other and adding Charlotte would add a fourth point several hours away.
CKIA2: Yeah, and in between those three towns is a bunch of computer and biotech companies that built the colleges in those towns.
Me: Actually, the universities predate the Research Triangle Park and are a large part of why RTP got built.
CKIA2: No, everybody knows North Carolina didn't have any colleges until the 1980s.
Me: OK, you are definitely wrong about that. UNC is the oldest public university in the country and opened in the 1790s.
CKIA2: We'll have to agree to disagree.
CKIA1: And I still really think Charlotte is part of the Triangle.
Friend: Anyways, as I was saying, I'm headed to Charlotte this week for work. Got anything I should try while I'm there?

Diane AKA Traska:
I hate when people "agree to disagree" about facts.  You can agree to that all you want, you're still wrong.


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