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It's been a longstanding tradition for Etiquette Hellions to be very generous when presented with the offer to donate for good causes.  The first ever fundraising was for the rural Corinth, NC fire department which desperately needed to upgrade their equipment.  Next was the Katrina Project where Ehellions contributed to the immediate needs of several Etiquette Hell forum members living in New Orleans.  The most recent charitable giving was in the form of knitted/crocheted and handmade scarves for the residents of the Trinity Rehabilitation Facility in Slidell, LA.  Over 380 scarves were made or money donated to purchase yarn and pay for shipping.

With the start of the new year 2007, Etiquette Hell is once again on the move to raise funds for a worthy charity.  This year's project is a cookbook of Etiquette Hell members' favorite recipes.  Profits from the sale of this cookbook will benefit Room to Read, a foundation created to establish libraries, schools and scholarship programs in developing countries as a way to break the cycle of poverty.   Read more about it at

So, get cracking with the recipe submissions, menus for a great dinner party and etiquette advice!   All posts submitted will be subject to editing and reprint in the cookbook.  Do not post a recipe in this folder if you do not want it published in the cookbook.

At some time later in the year, volunteers from the forum will edit and design the cookbook and most likely it will be offered for sale from a print-on-demand site. 

When it comes time to edit and design the cookbook, I'd like to volunteer.

If we posted a recipe on the previous forum, do we need to re-submit?

Another member went back to the old forum and cut and then pasted all the ones from that forum into this one.  All the posts have her ID on them but she was careful to attribute the recipe to the proper, original poster in the message section. 

Thank you!


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