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On those cold snowy days ( I may have posted this recipe before)


sometimes you need just a rich, hearty bowl of chili

Disclaimer: Its a very "toss anything you want" in recipe. I've saute zucs in with the onion to give more veggies and subbed ground turkey for beef.

Disclaimer 2.0: I like chili notoriously spicy, so adjust to taste

Hot Dog Mustard Chili

1 14oz package BallPark Franks
1.5 pounds ground sirloin ( I look for 90% fat free or higher)
28oz can crushed tomatoes
15oz can dark kidney beans, drained.
1 onion
2 hot peppers
2-3 cups  beef broth (I use Swanson), depending how loose you like your chili

chili powder (I use two palm-fulls)
crushed garlic (I use 2-4 cloves)
cumin (I use one palm-full)
hot sauce
brown mustard (I use approx 1/2 cup)

Servings 16: Approx 1 cup per serving. Freezes well.

Broil hotdogs until browned. Chop up and set aside. Saute onion , peppers and garlic in cooking spray until tender, add sirloin and brown.

Meanwhile add tomatoes, broth, beans and spices into a large pot. Add hotdogs, set over med heat. Add sirloin when done, let simmer for 15-20 minutes. Add hot sauce to taste.


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