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Simple Dip Recipes?

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I'm bored at home and I want something to put on crackers. Preferably something simple, made from pantry ingredients.

Anyone have any go to favorites?

Clara Bow:
I have two favorites, though you may not have the ingredients on hand....
Take one block of cream cheese (Philly!!) and unwrap it. Scoop green pepper jelly over it until cream cheese is covered. Perfect with Ritz crackers

Take one block of cream chees (Philly!!) and unwrap, place on a plate. Mix together chopped fresh cooked crabmeat and good cocktail sauce (Blackwell's or Lea and Perrin's if you can get it) until crab is well coated. Scoop over cream cheese and serve with favorite dip crackers.

Cream cheese + fruit jam + cracker = bite-size cheesecake :D

Cream cheese and crushed pineapple are a favorite at my house.

Nani's Orange Cheese

1 8 oz brick cream cheese      
1 large onion, minced
1 cup butter             
Paprika (Hungarian Sweet)
Bring butter and cream cheese to room temperature.  Blend well and mix in onion.  Add enough paprika to make a deep orange color, blending as you add.  Shape into a ball and refrigerate for several hours to blend flavors.  Serve with Triscuit crackers.


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