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Author Topic: Signs that crack you up  (Read 300657 times)

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Miss Understood

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Re: Signs that crack you up
« Reply #1425 on: August 27, 2015, 11:14:25 PM »
In the village where I work, there is an old and lovely church. The following sign is pinned beside its main door:


Now, it's perfectly clear what it really means, but...try as I might, I simply cannot suppress my amusement every time I pass it, given the mental images of worried-looking gargoyles and chunks of brickwork peering anxiously downwards and voicing tremulous enquiries as to whether they look particularly lichened today. ;D

That's exactly where my mind went too!  Or insecure Masons.  (Are we Masonic enough?)

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Re: Signs that crack you up
« Reply #1426 on: August 28, 2015, 06:01:35 PM »

Once upon a time, I took an Inland Cruise to Alaska.  XH & I took a day trip to a salmon BBQ dinner, helicopter tour of the glacier, and visit with mosquitos the size of small birds.  Everyone wants to see a bear, so they feed a cub daily and everyone gets to take pictures.

Then, I heard "the rest of the story."  The first year they did this, they assumed the cub would leave when they closed the cabin for the winter.  Wrong.  The cub, now a very hungry bear, knew where to find food and he opened up the cabin, opened up the food, and generally left a really big mess for them to clean up when they re-opened for Spring.

This did not stop them from repeating the "feed a cub everyday so the tourists can get cute pictures."  This time they had the cub airlifted some distance away at the end of the tourist season.  Did anyone see this coming?  The bear found it's way home and, even though they "bear-proofed" the cabin, opened up the cabin, opened up the food, and stayed for the rest of the winter in the cozy cabin/den.  They had to shoot it when they re-opened in Spring.  Bear #2's fur was on the wall.

By now they figured it out: They fed a cub everyday so it became quite tame and the tourists could get really good pictures.  Then they shot the bear at the end of the season.  There were 6 or 7 bear furs on the walls.

I might have been the only person who was appalled at this practice.  :-[
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Re: Signs that crack you up
« Reply #1427 on: September 01, 2015, 10:52:45 PM »
Nope, I find that pretty appalling too :(
"After all this time?"

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Re: Signs that crack you up
« Reply #1428 on: Yesterday at 10:00:17 AM »
The parking lot at a local mall has a sign "Expected Mothers" that always cracks me up. 
I'll get there.  Eventually.