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Kids say the funniest things

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DD is almost 2yo, and she's cracking me up lately. She finally understands that the baby only drinks special Mommy milk, and that the milk only comes from Mommy. though I have to admit it was really funny when she was trying to get DH to nurse the baby  :D

The other day Baby was in his crib, and he woke up, crying. DD ran into the living room and started shouting at me "NeeNee wake. Mom, NeeNee wake!" She then climbed into my lap and started poking me in the chest saying "NeeNee eat." (translation: Baby woke up, Mom. Baby is hungry, and needs to eat)

That is so cute! :)

The piratebabe has started saying "Wow!"  Which means we're hearing a lot of "WOW! Oh WOW!!" recently. (he's closing in on 14 months) course he doesn't really know what it means so he is just saying it to hear himself talk. 

The TV is on and a commercial for a phone company is talking about how you always have your memories.  DS (age 8) pipes up "You can never get rid of memories, unless you forget them"

okay, I need more coffee...

DH was cuddling with our son, so I jokingly said that DS was mine and DH responded that DS was his.  DS let out a huge sigh and said- when are you guys ever going to learn to share.

oz diva:
Last Tuesday dd1 said, "this doesn't feel like a Tuesday, it feels like a Saturday with a twist of Tuesday".

Dd2 also said "Why do they call him Santa, they should call him Dave?"


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