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Kids say the funniest things

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Just today, my preschooler, LittlePenguin, was spinning around and around.  Finally she collapsed onto her back in a laundry basket.  As she stared woozily at the ceiling, she said with a sigh, "I'll just lie here for a minute.  My brain is still spinning around and around."


The other day ds, who is 6 said: I'm going to listen to XX Top on my ipod.
XX, instead of ZZ, me and dh just about died laughing.  :D

Spring Water on Sundays:
This happened when my nephew was about 4 1/2 years old. He loves dogs and has a dog of his own.

We had just gotten our dog. She'd had a litter of puppies before coming to us so her belly looks different that what nephew is used to. He points at her rather prominent nipples and asks me, "What are those??" I wasn't sure how much he knew about body parts or what level of education his parents were comfortable with, so I decided to be matter-of-fact and not make a big deal out of his questions. I said, "Those are her nipples. You have nipples, too," and I lifted up his shirt to show him. He replied, "No, those are my boobies."

Spring Water on Sundays:
At Thanksgiving, I was having a beer with dinner and when it was getting low, my 2 1/2 y/o nephew said, "Neenee have another beer!" I guess he thinks Neenee is more fun when she's got a couple drinks in her.

Some good friends of mine are both nerdy engineers, but their three-year-old daughter is the girliest girly girl ever.  She is also very, very tall, and tends to get a lot of people commenting about how she'll probably play basketball when she grows up.

So yet another person yesterday asked their daughter if she was into sports:

Adult: I bet you'll be good at sports, honey!
Daughter (to my friend): Mommy, I want to play a sport!
My friend: Which one?
Daughter: The pink one!

My friend tried to explain that sports aren't categorized by color, and her daughter sighed and said "Okay, the purple one then."


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