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Kids say the funniest things

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--- Quote from: Sheila Take a Bow on February 07, 2013, 06:25:36 PM ---We were at a book signing for Mo Willems, and my daughter had drawn a picture to give to him.

The Kid:  I drew a picture for you.  [She hands him the picture.]  It's a girl pigeon.
Mo [pointing at a drawing of his pigeon]:  How do you know this isn't a girl pigeon?
The Kid [with an "oh, you silly adult" tone, pointing at her drawing]:  This one has eyelashes.

Mo laughed.

--- End quote ---

That's so cute and I'm so jealous!  Mo Willems is the current favorite author in our household.  I read "Knuffle Bunny" about 15 times a day, and "Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed" another 10 times a day.  I think my 2-yo son actually has the book memorized by now.

I think Mo Willems lives in MA, and I was considering stalking him. 

But, maybe I'll just try to find out if there will be book signing close to where we live instead.

An exchange between myself and my almost-three-year-old cousin last night.

Cousin: I dropped my bink. *asked to repeat herself* I dropped my bink!  :(
Me: You dropped your bink?
Cousin: Yeah.  :( Where's my bink?
Me: *glances around* Hm...I don't know where your bink is.
Cousin: *with exaggerated patience* Well, you have to FIND it.
Me: *stifles laughter* I have to FIND it?
Cousin: Yes.  :)

She's hilarious.  ;D

Last night Piratebabe had me cracking up because he was remind me of Matt Foley the motivational speaker. I wish I could have caught it on video.  Pirateboy2 didn't get it, having never seen the skit before.

But the little guy was wearing a button down blue shirt he'd worn to church and jeans and was standing in front of the couch with his legs apart, facing us with his hands together as though he was holding an invisible ball.

Piratebabe:  Ah-dadadadaDA!!! EEEEK!!! *giggled, put his hands down by his side and brought them back together again as though holding a ball and moved them up and down.*
Me: Oh really?
Piratebabe: *nodding and doing his chattery chipmunk giggle* Ah nananana!! Ah gagaBANOBA!! *doing the hand thing again and bouncing*
Me: Really? Living in a van down by the river?
Piratebabe: *chipmunk giggle*

This is what the chipmunk giggle sounds like.  Never, ever fails to make me laugh, so between this and the unintentional Chris Farley impersonation, it was hysterical.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktrLHbAh12Y
Or sometimes it sounds like this too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93kuCabV4jQ

Mental Magpie:
That laugh alone would have had me losing it!

Babybartfast helpfully explained metamorphosis to me today.  Caterpillars go in cocoons and change into butterflies, then the butterflies go to Sunday School and turn into fairies and their wings become visible (???).  This was accompanied by much jumping around, "flying" with her invisible butterfly wings, and waving her fairy wand.


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