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Kids say the funniest things

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Too cute!

DH and 4yo DS were reading Scripture stories last night. More specifically, about Joseph, his coat of many colors, and how his brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt. They were discussing things as they went and when they were done, DH asked DS what he learned.

DS: "well, if it's a famine, there's no food. But if there was no food, then why didn't they just go to the grocery store?"
     "It wasn't very nice to sell Joseph. I wouldn't sell Baby, I would just take it away if I wanted his things."
     "If someone selled me, I would just not give them food. I would kick him instead and say 'oh no. Now you have no food. Ha ha ha ha ha. I'm just kidding. You can have some yucky food""

Youngest DD (almost 7) had her eye appointment yesterday.  Because of family history, I was pretty sure she would need glasses.

So, while we were waiting, I took her back to look at frames.  The whole time she complained that she didn't want glasses. Until she saw the pink frames with butterflies on the temple pieces. ;D

Then when I was paying, she said, "I always wanted to wear glasses!"  ::) 

I love these stories!

The other day, Emily (6) and Jenny (4) were talking.  Jenny said, with this dramatic sigh, "I wish I lived in Bible times!"
Emily: "Oh, no, you don't.  There weren't any cars!  Or baths!  Or books to read!  Or <rattles off a whole list of things, MOST of which weren't available back then>!"
Jenny: "Oh.  Okay.  I guess I'll just go to Disneyworld, then."

I was working the self checks on Saturday, when I had a mom and adorable little boy he was 3ish or so come through. Little boy, being a little boy, mortified his mom, but all I could do was laugh.

LB to me: Do you have a baby in your tummy?

Mom: LB you  can't say things like that they aren't nice
        then to me "I'm really sorry"

Me: No baby, I'm just round. It's okay mom, no harm done.

LB takes his umbrella and points to my chest: What is that?

Me: It's a" then to mom: are technical terms okay?
Mom: Yes"  then to LB "you can't ask people things like that"

Me again: It's called a breast.

Mom was little, and I am the exact opposite of little, plus mom has a friend who is pregnant, so I guess I resembled her friend. Mom was apologetic. I told her not to worry about it, and thanked her for being so open with him. I told her it would make his questions easier to answer as he got older.


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