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Wow, really nice!!!


A couple years ago, my mom married my stepdad. He has two kids. I have never met or spoken to either one of them. They are in their 20s and both lived in Iowa. Recently, the son got married and moved to North Carolina with his wife. He and his wife sent a package for their dad on Christmas, and to my surprise there was a card for me in there. (I'm 17 and live with my mom and stepdad). I thought, how nice of them, to think of me when I've never even met them. The son is rather apathetic and only talks to his dad a few times a year, so the extra effort was really appreciated. And when I opened the card, there was money inside. A very generous gift from a young couple just starting out. It was really nice that they made the effort (and gave the money!) to be nice to me.

Now I have to write them a thank-you card...

Oh, I think that was just a lovely gesture on their part! Step families can be tricky, especially when some of the kids are grown before the families merge. I think it's great that he thought of you as well!

NOVA Lady:
What a nice gesture to include you :)

Maybe now is a good time to cultivate a relationship with them or get to know them a little bit better?

I always love when people think to include people others might not have thought to :)


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