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Regifted a gift card


my landlady gives me a gift card to a certain coffee shop each year.  I totally appreciate that she does this for us.  She started checking on us constantly when we moved in, and now we don't see her at all.  So the fact that she sends us nice gift cards is a very nice gesture on her part.  She sends it in the mail.

Only I don't drink coffee and there is really nothing else in the shop that I like.   Not the food, not the tea, nothing.   

Yesterday, when I was out for lunch with a friend of mine, we talked about giving the gift card to our waitress as a bonus.  She was cheerful and pleasant and just an all around nice person.  When I gave it to her she said "Really?  REALLY?  Oh WoW!  This just made my whole day!" and ran off waving it in the air saying "I just got a gift card to *COFFEE SHOP*!!  How cool is THAT!!!  Latte here I come!!"

She did get a tip on lunch, too, but it was cool to see that someone else would appreciate the card a lot more than I would. 

:) This totally made me smile.

it is your's to do with what you want to -- You "used" the card

just not quite in the way the gifter ment.

Aww, that's a great story.  I don't think it's an issue, in this case.  It isn't as if your landlady is going to pop by and notice that you aren't displaying her gift or anything like that, and if she asks, you can genuinely tell her you really enjoyed using that card.


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