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Baby Shower Through the Mail?

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My friend just received a baby shower "invitation" for a friend who recently moved several states away.  The invitation basically stated that since many mother-to-be's close friends were not nearby, that they were going to have a baby shower through the mail.  It lists several places where MTB is registered and specifically states that gift cards would be welcomed.  This in itself is tacky and poor etiquette.  But what about the general idea of the mail baby shower? 

I just found something on that mentions this as an idea, but she says that it would be a nice thoughtful gesture, not necessarily something that you send out invites for.  My friend thinks the whole idea is tacky, and I have to agree.  She said that she was going to send something anyway but now she may wait until after the baby is born (she's a little miffed over the whole thing.)

Also, the MTB is being thrown an in-person baby shower in her new hometown, so it's not like there is absolutely no one around to do this for her.  Is this in poor etiquette or are we just overreacting?

I'm not exactly an etiquette expert, but this seems tacky to me. It's more like a gift grab than anything else. I think your friend has the right idea to wait until after the baby is born. That way it won't be mistaken for a shower gift. You don't want to "feed the beast." ;)

It's incredibly tacky. There is no hospitality or fellowship being offered here; it's simply, "This is where I'm registered. Send me a gift."

kinda screams gift grab to me.

I would possibly send something after the baby is born but for this, the MOST they would get is a nice card.

It is a gift grab.

The real issue is did the MTB sanction it? It is possible that the person throwing the shower did this on their own and then by responding negatively you punish the MTB for something she didn't do. Just a thought.


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