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Author Topic: graduation party  (Read 2134 times)

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graduation party
« on: June 30, 2007, 10:32:52 PM »

I went to a college graduation party today. It took place at the guest of honor's boyfriend's parent's house, with both sets of parents hosting. It was wonderful.

Friends of the graduate intermingled with family. That wasn't too big of a stretch since a lot of the family and friends had met at events like weddings and our yearly beer pong tournament before. The guest of honor's mom even camps at music festivals with the rest of us crazy kids  ;)

There was one child in attendance with his parents. His parents are our friends. She works; he stays home with the kid and goes to school. They had to follow him around the yard telling him not to break the flowers or eat rocks. Not me. I didn't get climbed on or forced to be child-friendly or anything.

Food was abundant. There were plates of cheese and fresh fruit in the afternoon, and beer in coolers as well. Spinach dip, roasted pepper dip, brie and grapes and crackers were scattered about tables under a tarp. I'm not sure if the tarp was rented or if it was one of the tarps our festing group bought; but it accommodated several picnic tables. There was a roasted pig, a turkey, sliced lamb, spinach pie (the best spinach pie in the world, cooked by the guest of honor's mom), pasta salad, potato salad, rice wrapped in grape leaves, olives, lots of different cheeses ... and there was enough food and seating and shade (even though it was a really nice day weatherwise) for everyone.

Since it was a college graduation party with a "come in your preppiest attire" theme there was also a croquet game set up, as well as a game of quoits (sp?). Games are usually a great idea at any party where there will be people who don't know each other. They picked games that fit in with the theme and the reason for the party.

It was really great. I didn't see any cause at all to fork a person into e-hell.

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