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Author Topic: SO of 'Fantastic Advice" How to Go Abroad. Advice for Young Women...  (Read 4169 times)

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Re: SO of 'Fantastic Advice" How to Go Abroad. Advice for Young Women...
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A large part of the reason why ships of the time were so horribly uncomfortable was that they had reciprocating engines, which vibtrated horribly. The staem turbine wasn't invented until 1884 (thanks Mr Parsons...)

It wasn't until the early 20th century that passanger ships were fitted with turbine engines.

By 1906 the Mauretania had steam turbine engines, and was a floating palace- believe me, you would be wearing you best dress(es) when you sailed on her!

That's true but later ships had terrible problems with vibration.  The beloved Normandie had such a case of the shakes that glasses in the dining room or the bars couldn't be filled more than half-way.

In 2000 we took the maiden trans-Atlantic voyage of the Millennium.  She had engines that were similar to those on jet liners.  The engines were state-of-the-art for a ship but the poor creature needed more ballast in the stern.