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Twisted collaborative story telling

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White Dragon:
It's a very simple idea, and the results can be hilarious.

A person starts a story and writes a short paragraph.
Other people chime in and add their own paragraph to the story.

The twists and turns the story takes are invariably entertaining.
I'll start in the next post.

White Dragon:
Rodney was 34 years old and falling from an airplane.
As he plummeted earthwards, he couldn't help but reflect that really, this was not what he had expected to find himself doing today.
A small part of him - the part that didn't concern itself with things like gravity and imminent peril - was actually quite vexed at the situation.
An even smaller part wondered if he'd ever get to groom his goldfish again.
He flashed back to the events of last night...


Rodney flopped back upon his couch and loosened his tie.  He was a quiet man, a shy man....a man for whom his furry goldfish was all the companionship he needed, or so he'd thought until just recently.  He pressed a button on his remote and the lovely strains of Alanis Morissette's Isn't It Ironic wafted through the room.

Mr. Play-it-safe....was afraid to fly...
Packed his suitcase...and kissed his kids goodbye...

He sat up as a grand idea took hold of him.  "That's it!" he excaimed aloud.  "I'll skydive from 35,000 feet! That'll surely impress her!"  Excitedly, he jumped up from the couch and....

He riffled through his cabinets until he found last year's Yellow Pages.  (Rodney hadn't yet embraced technology - making due with a land line phone and a large pile of local take-out menus, his cassette tapes and large VHS movie collection for his evenings' entertainment.)  

He turned to the section for sky-diving schools and this ad jumped out at him...

White Dragon:
"Tired of scratching with the turkeys when you want to soar with the eagles?
Ever dreamed you were flying, only to wake up at your ho-hum job?

We can change all that!
We are Adventurers Incorporated!

Just a few simple apptitude tests and you'll be on the way to a whole new you!
We'll even toss in a new identity at now extra charge!"

Rodney tossed back his glass of cheap wine, not realizing alchohol would react poorly to the golfish's anti-fungal ointment he'd abosrbed through his skin. Thus, judgment impaired, he made a call.


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