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Woolworth's Recipes?


My MIL was reminiscing a while back about an item she used to get her older kids from Woolworth's -- an Orange Twist. This is apparently some sort of a doughnut with candied orange peel in the sugar coating.

So, being the the obsessive researcher that I am, I decided to find the recipe for her. Internet searches and several vintage cookbook purchases have so far failed to yield a recipe. Now it's a matter of honor! I must find this recipe. Does anyone have older relatives who worked there and might remember some recipes or know a likely cookbook for reference? I'm also interested in any other recipes that might be found. I only found one source with a few recipes online.


PS - I don't know if the doughnuts were yeast or raised or if it's a glaze or "dry" sugar coating. I'll be pumping her for more details next time I talk to her. I might end up reverse-engineering the recipe. If I have to do that, I'll also need to find folks who remember the item who're willing to be recipe testers. :D

I am not sure if this is the Woolworth recipe, but here is a link to an Orange Twist donut type thing:,184,151167-228193,00.html

Looks like a good candidate. I shall try it on MIL and see what she says.


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