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Author Topic: A Reassuring Commencement  (Read 1649 times)

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A Reassuring Commencement
« on: June 26, 2007, 07:03:31 PM »
At this time of year the Museum is the scene for many commencement exercises.  It's only Tuesday and we've already had three.  We get everything from 8th Grade Graduations to the conferring of real degrees from 4 year colleges.  Today, we hosted what appeared to be a Middle School Commencement.  It was the nicest of its kind I've seen.

The students didn't wear caps and gowns so it was easy to see what they were wearing.  The temperature today was in the 90s and a few poor boys were sweltering in suits or sport coats. All the boys were wearing dark dress pants, dress shirts and ties.  One dapper young man was wearing black pants, a black shirt, a silver tie and a fedora.  I think he may have been a fan of the Blues Brothers.

The dress of the girls was more varied.  Some were little girls with ruffled ankle socks, white Mary-Janes and pouffy, pastel dresses.  Others were young ladies who wore kitten heels and  pretty sun dresses.  There were a few girls who wore long dresses with shawls that I thought may have once seen service as a Junior Bridesmaid outfit but all the clothing was pretty and age-appropriate.

As is usual in Brooklyn, some of the children were wearing ethnic dress.  A few girls wore festive, Islamic dress with beaded, pastel hijabs over their dresses.  There were a few beautiful saris in evidence.  One young lady of African heritage wore the Gran Bou-bou.  They all looked wonderful.  There were no mini-skirts, no towering heels, no bust-duster earrings, no hoochy-Mama hairstyles or make-up.   

For the processional, each boy had a white boutonniere pinned to his jacket or  shirt.  Each girl carried a single, long-stemmed, white rose.  It was lovely to see children dressed as children.           

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