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  • October 24, 2016, 01:54:45 PM

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Author Topic: When kids can say/do what etiquette says you can't. Share stories.  (Read 587 times)

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Something awesome happened today and I wanted to share, and hear your own awesome tales.

Froglet is 3 1/2. She has loads of Barbie dolls as she loves dress up and is very girlie.  Recently she's got interested in weddings (the pretty dresses) and has started marrying her barbies to each other because she wants a wedding.

 My aunt saw this while my mum was babysitting and was apparently 'concerned'.  She told my mum that I should be helping her with this.

Told Froglet girls can't marry girls, and that she needs boy dolls for her barbies to marry.    Bearing in mind, When froglet got home I told her she can marry who she likes. She told me she wants to marry a puppy so she can put a bow and dress on it.

Today was The next time we see my aunt, she flourishes two 'Ken dolls' she'd bought at a car boot sale.  One of which had 70s/80s shoulder length blond hair.  Announces that the barbies don't have to get married now because they have boys to marry.

 Froglet says thank you, then 45 minutes later comes back with one of the long haired boy doll in a dress, and sits in the middle of the lounge in front of our family and marries the toy boys together. She then married a My Little Pony to Chase from Paw Patrol.   My aunt gets on the floor with her and tells her boys can't marry boys.  She blinks and holds up the my little pony and says "auntie, they're plastic".

Hit the kitchen with my mum laughing our heads off.

Anyone got good stories when kids have put people in their place?


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First of all, I love your Froglet! Yes, they are plastic and inventive play shows how creative and "outside the box" some children are.

Once, when my DD was little, we were getting on a bus. DD looks at me and says, " Mom, let that lady sit down first." So, I stepped aside, the lady sat down, complimenting on my well behaved child. We go sit down toward the back of the bus, and DD says, "I just didn't want to sit by her, she smokes! And she will make you sick!"

(I have severe asthma, and perfumes and the smell of smoke do me in.)

Luckily, we had been talking about quite voices and DD was not in "loud mode" that day.


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Froglet is awesome  ;D

(And I used to play "doctor" with my sister's Barbies . . . which meant dislocating their limbs so I could "fix" them. Except I wasn't really old enough to fix them properly, and the heads never really go back on the same way anyway, so she regularly had a bin full of assorted naked Barbie parts until my dad had time to come put them back together again. Oddly enough, I never played dolls much after that.)


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The closest I've come is my 2.5 year old son.  He doesn't seem to realize that when mommy says to do something, it means he needs to do it.

Me:  Do you need to go potty?
Sunshine:  No.
Me:  (knowing that he's not good at realizing when he needs to go and not wanting an accident) Yes, you need to go.
Sunshine:  No.
Me:  I said yes.
Sunshine:  I said no!

Little goofball always says it with a smile too!